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Hello there! Thank you for the feedback! I see that the most of the problems you mentioned is regard the intro which we couldn't optimize more due to the month we have to work on this, won't be this long for further dev for sure homie.

I don't think you should speak as a whole community tho. I understand your issue with this, but this wasn't the general response anyway, or  at least not this bad or angry, I totally understand your point of view tho.

As a side note, this was not heartbraking because it's not the solid truth among the whole community that have played our game. I don't think saying stuff like you said is a nice way to backing it up, specially if you gotta proof you're a nice guy saying  it explicitly, when you're not kinda being it. You got issues, feedback (poorly given but given and we've taken it dw) and that's all. We for sure will take a look to this and it's on our plans optimize it so all good man.