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Adding the second thruster was clever - adding in the ability to stop with a cooldown made it into an interesting game. After I tried to get a high score, I spent a while just trying to see how fast I could spin, which in itself was really fun. I agree with others - I think this has great potential. Maybe instead of random debris you could make a game with set levels with predetermined debris locations and it becomes more of a puzzle game?

Literally the only game I had to give all 5s to. I can't believe how good this was. The implementation was outstanding (in Pico8 nonetheless!) and it shows a real understanding of encounter design and balance. This game was absolutely fantastic.

I love seeing your opening hand and trying to form a battle plan from that. It really deals with the issue in many RPG-style games where you just do the same thing for every fight. This game is always different and engaging. I really hope you expand this out, it's incredible.

Oops, looks like the final parentheses was added into the link - I'll fix that!

This was cute and kinda fun - reminds me a lot of Robotron. I wish the enemies didn't spawn randomly though, sometimes they would spawn on top of me and I would die without knowing what actually killed me.

I really liked this game! At first I felt like it was random and I wasn't sure how to proceed, but by the end I felt like I had a lot more control over my character and I was zooming through the levels. I would definitely love to see more! This was very clever.

This game checks a lot of boxes for me: rhythm games and bullet hell, and also cookies? Those are some of my favorite things!

I have to agree though, the game hurts my eyes just a bit. Not sure how to keep the aesthetic and fix that, though. Still, it's pretty fun once you get past that and gets super hectic.

Also, I don't know if this is intended, but if you hit two keys in rapid succession, you can do 180 degree turns. I assume you're changing direction state on button press but before you can actually move you can legally change to the other state.

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Okay this game is actually sick. I hope it does well on the Play store because I think it has some legs there. Casual games like this are great and this one just feels so fun to play.

The only issue I had was quitting... seems like the only way to stop it is to home button -> force close?

I also wonder if the ability to "teleport" by letting go and pressing somewhere else is a feature or a bug. It sure feels fun to do, but I don't know if that was the intention.

I also have to say, that I wouldn't have understood the theme without reading the description... but once I learned what it was I found that it was absolutely brilliant. Not sure if there's a more out of the box interpretation than that!

Cute, simple little game. Mostly I just loved the name, though! Extra points just for that.

I actually quite liked this game, and I also really enjoy the metroidvania feel on the open areas. My biggest complaint is really the controls... I dislike WASD movement (with an extra button) for platformers. Using the arrow keys plus a jump and a switch button would feel a lot more natural, to me anyway.

I also kept having collision issues, mostly annoying when I'd fall through the floor into the lava. But other than that it was quite fun!

I also get the same error as Sygmei mentioned. But the overall concept was functional and nifty!

This was pretty clever. I think a real game could come with this. Short term changes I would make would be to stick the name and number of the thing next to the actual buildings. Also, when something is going wrong (like, not enough water?) then it seems like the production displays (win/loss) just become 0, but I feel like something else should happen?

I think this could make a great browser incremental style game!

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Hi everyone!

I had a lot of fun making my game for the jam, and a lot of fun playing a bunch of the entries. But I noticed that while we got a lot more entries this year than last year (by a lot!) that we don't have nearly as many ratings as we'd hope for this amount of growth.

We have another day left, and I know things are busy with the holidays, but I'd love to see a lot more ratings go through. I know every developer would be a lot happier if they could get more feedback, and the voting results would be a lot more interesting with more participation.

If everyone that worked on a game just rated two more games, we'd have enough to match last year by ratio. But even spending an hour playing and rating games can get 5 or more!

The games in the unrated section ( could also use some love. I myself am going to try to get through as many of these as I can.

It was great to do this alongside everyone. Can't wait for the results :)

We actually did consider some minor plot hooks, but didn't really stick to anything and didn't implement anything like that either way

Something like alternate realities where one person has two very different jobs in a post-apocalyptic world was kinda what we were going for

This game looks and sounds fantastic - it has a clear vision that was probably almost exactly realized. I love the world and story created here too, very evocative. I feel like the gameplay was a bit weaker than the rest (even though I did have fun) - but if there is the ability to physically control this game with actual moving parts (as hinted in the youtube video?) then this would be absolutely amazing. I'd love to see the physical machine in person!

Good luck at GDC Ctrl.Alt!

I do like these sorts of games that are really quick to get into playing, and you can restart really fast when you die. So it's addictive in that way.

I think that if you had some kind of warning countdown before it switched segments, it would be a lot more enjoyable. I also think that if you could switch between lanes a little bit faster / more consistently, it would go a long way as well. Making it fast and hectic but giving the player more control could make this a really solid game!

It is a shame that most of the voting happened in the first couple days. I've been trying to get through as many as I can! 

Oh no! What version, or if web, what browser are you using?

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In theory it is endless, but because it has an exponential difficulty growth, it has a practical end. See how high of a score you can get!

But no bosses or endings or anything, just pure arcade style.

This game is seriously fantastic. I just wish the keys were bound differently or that controllers worked. The way they were set up just didn't feel natural and I felt like I spent a long time just fighting with my muscle memory on when to do each action (mostly because of other similar games)

But seriously brilliant design that is immediately graspable. I think there's something magical here.

I was pleasantly surprised when the ducks in the snake-like game were saved in between sessions... that's a neat idea that isn't usually used in these types of minigame compilation games. That was cool!

This is pretty fun, although it becomes more of an abstract typing game than anything else? Not that that's a bad thing!

Oddly addictive... I was skeptical but this is just as "just one more try" as both Tetris and Flappy Bird are.

I think with some really cool, complex songs, this could be an absolute masterpiece. I had fun with what was there, though.

I loved this! It's very rhythm heaven and I adore the visuals and animations. It seemed like the song got off-sync, and then actually ended before I was actually done? Had to play the rest by sight alone. But still, this is great, one of my favorites so far!

I really want more. This could be an outstanding full title.

I don't know what possessed you to do this but it's some kind of genius I can't quite identify. I cannot believe how long it is - I read the first act and then sped through the rest. And it still took a long time! Very creative.

If you'd like to try again, I think it should be working now. I had to upload a version with Particles disabled, since apparently they cause issues in some browsers with Godot. :(

Looks like a known issue in Godot apparently... I've uploaded a version with the Particles all invisible so it SHOULD run now. Thanks for the interest!

The combination of the two makes me laugh a lot, I really love it. I wish that the towers were more visually distinct based on what they did, and that their stats would display a lot faster (or even all the time). But the idea of doing something else to generate the resources used in a tower defense game is a really great one!

These sorts of exploratory platformers are not my jam, but this is a very well executed idea. It was also way longer than I expected, with a lot more stuff and powers! Very fun.

Thanks! I appreciate your trying. I'll try to fix this but I'm having all sorts of issues with the web version :(

If I do fix it, I'll put up a new upload (and mention that it's technically after the contest deadline!)

Hitboxes seem a little wonky but that's just a minor nitpick. This game is a great design and well executed on top of that. I genuinely enjoyed playing it and trying to get farther.

yeah, definitely wondering about what we can change after submission