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A battle game about teamwork!
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Representation of Theme#113.6673.667
Visual Design#222.6672.667

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Super good, loved the help command concept. I named my healer "Potato" because the person in the robe is just a random dude transporting a sentient magic potato, right?


With some UI improvements and more variety in moves, this could be really fun! I love the concept of an RPG party as a community, though I may be biased since RPGs are my favorite genre.

My game crashed when I beat the dragon, so not sure how it actually ends.


Definitely reminiscent of old school RPGs. The game has a nice variety of characters. I would like to see more of a fleshed out combos utilizing the "Help" mechanic to really sell the mechanic. I would also suggest selecting attacks be simpler with fewer clicks.


I liked the diversity in the team make up, impressed with how much content you got finished as a solo in such a short period. Nice work!


Thank you so much! I definitely learned a lot developing solo, but it was a ton of work!

Jam Judge(+1)

Pretty tough game. I kept getting wrecked. Seems like at the moment its basically whoever gets the most crits. Having some other abilities, like a defend or something would help change it up.


Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to add in more abilities for the fighters (another idea I had was a "protect" ability), but I'm not used to working solo so I mis-judged how long everything would take and ran out of time. I'm wanting to add in more features after judging ends to improve, but I hope you still enjoyed my game! The "help" action hopefully made the game a little easier, but I know it can be pretty tough!


I wouldn't have conceptualized a RPG party as community. Interesting concept


Thanks, when they first mentioned the theme I thought of D&D so I wanted to make my game based off of that. But I tried to add in other things (like the "help" action) to emphasize the community aspect more. Good to hear you picked up on how it related to the theme!


Ooh, a turn based fighting game! Very cool! The ability to name your characters really helps with the community building aspect of the game! The epic battle music in the background was super fitting as well! And giving the player the option to take a screenshot of their team was lovely! Great work!


Thank you for your kind feedback! I've always wanted to make a game like this but I've never had the chance, so I'm happy you liked it!