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Small city builder / puzzle management game
Submitted by mvanbaalen — 4 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Representation of Theme#34.7004.700
Visual Design#163.3003.300

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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A fun little city builder. It was a little difficult to get the hang off, I missed the mandatory buying because I didn't read and ended up fired the first few tries. Once I got the hang of it I had a pretty good engine, until I had to buy the hospital.

Could use music, but definitely something worth building on.


Nice! I found myself playing more than I expected at first! Just the right amount of challenge and frustration to keep me trying.


This really means a lot to me, thank you. I was trying to make it something that you couldn't beat your first time through, but that you FELT like you could beat it. I might have tuned it a little difficult (turns out it's hard to rate the difficulty of something you know in and out!) but I hope that even losing was enjoyable.


normally I find city building games boring but I cant stop playing really great game


I'm glad you felt that way, that's what I was going for!


I don't even like city builders and I found my self really enjoying this. Honestly what a great game.


Thanks! I was really trying to distill the fun parts of city-building and get rid of some of the things that would make them less fun for a jam. The fast turnaround time was a big part of that. I really appreciate the praise.


Loved this one as I really enjoy simulation games. Super fun, and lots of interactions. Some deep gameplay here. Had some difficulty at first to figure out I need to build the structures in red or lose the game, but second time around I saw the message saying I should do that.

Awesome game!


Yeah, watching others play I found that the messages are a little less clear than I hoped - lots of people are missing them. I definitely plan on fixing that. I'm glad you had fun though!

Could have used some instructions, jams are jams! =)

Not sure if it's just bc I'm on mac, but I had difficulty scrolling the viewable city area where it would zoom out too far and the majority of the viewer would be blank.  I also felt like the build options didnt reset after restarting; I didn't see the home office or the fast food restaurant after the first game. 

Great start though! I love builder games like this!


Yeah I had a mouse and failed to think that maybe others might not have 3 button mice. I put in camera controls with WASD late because of that, but I definitely didn't test anything other than my own setup. Sorry about that!

The contract generation is weighted pseudo-random: you should "tend" to see early game buildings early and late game buildings late, but other possibilities are out there. I don't think there's anything wrong with resetting but I can double check!


I like it, it's kind of tricky and definitely strategic. No critiques, just give me more. 


I plan on continuing development of this. I had a lot of fun both making it and playing it myself, which is usually rare for me!


awesome, I enjoy the idea greatly

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Awesome job with the game play! Every level I'm seriously thinking it through whether I should buy something or not! If only the mayor would stop giving me  such expensive things (u _ u) Love the game! Also, love the little cameo! It caught me off guard, but it was very much appreciated!


No problem! Honestly, I wasn't active on Discord so I didn't know there was a cameo thing going on. I got lucky in that way! I was really running out of messages to put so I figured I'd shout out the couple of games that I played early on. I'm glad you liked the game!