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nice pixel art refreshing game

i like the simplicity! makes sense and unique!! nice work.

yes please mention me! Ill try the other games . im not mexican but love the food :)

ok i did it again lets see if it went through..

thats not me. Not e.c.?!!

ok did that, thanks

thanks great. o i think in 2023 when i get my playdate to test it. maybe they will send it january...

hi great ideas! the goose will be a big part of the game now! if you want to design  logo/font/goose that'd be fun in the game you can design an advertisement for you/your site/something you want to promote too in exchange! you can use free editor to see how the 1 bit constraints work if you havent checked it out already. honk honk!!

o those are great ideas! and/or a goose can run around on the field and try avoid getting hit by foosball (kinda more like dodgeball then but what the hey). Im always lookin to collab as i dont have time to do all the project ideas just putting that out there for all. Gooseball 2023?!

wow ! I remember getting a  Genesis when it first came out! I've looked into making games for it but it seemed too complex.. This engine/console simplifies things! I have an idea and I'm able to get it up and running and tested for Genesis emulator quickly! I always like harold ok engines as it deals with retro platforms I fondly remember.  Very nice!!!

clever! I did a game about backseat driving distraction! I may redo it! Keep up nice work! 

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hi  do you have a link on  how to add multiple pictures  with hex editors etc? im just familiar with Basic and tying to make a game in it (from my pngs). And /or would the text be compatible with petscii which I can add via basic? thanks.

hi does char or sprite pad import png and export to basic? thanks

thanks! Yes i was just experimenting your prolly right about busy\\\ :)

thanks i wanted to make it fun but complex  with a bee theme!!:)

looks nice and original! Reminds me a bit of tomytronic 3d games through the viewport! Keep on  gaming

thanks i tried different ideas

thanks! :)

thanks for feedback. I used Pix64, which is listed as a fantasy game console. But if the judges don't feel it meets the standard that's fine, i tried some new ideas at least.

tanks. galaga one of the best games!

thanks keep on gaming!

great! nice silent dot game you did too!

great glad it works!

thanks glad you like it!

I reuploaded it works from my end. The cart is under the Shmup cart, so scroll down please to see it then it should load. Thanks.

thanks for the suggestions ! :)

ill check and repost thanks

 bitte sehr! BW works well with the pixelstyle.

Beemused game demo - YouTube  heres how to play thanks

thanks  that was my goal!

thanks! maybe Ill make vid tutorial after I fix my playdate game bug :)

thanks! yes enjoy.

i like the storyboard concept visually! Nice to have it set in old times (my playdate demo is too) the music sounds great its hard (for me) to get professional sounding music on playdate! Kudos.

nice black and white style! click and drag for flamethrower!!!

thanks! for hockey/game fans!!!

the pixel art is charming! nice to simulate an ice cream truck too!!!

 I got 1 stars! nice concept! different!

wish i thought of a giant sun chasing game! nice !

very polished and thought out. :)