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A Novel Approach

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you're welcome :)

hi it runs on plus3, 128 tape. hope that helps thanks

thank you i appreciate it!

looking fwd to see how this progresses. great idea!

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ok got the walkthrough  video showing  for the phone part and all. Thanks!

quirky melty fun!

very innovative!


the last two pictures say "the end" (one correct ending the other incorrect).  Its legible on my computer, if you send screen shot i can compare thanks

thank you!!!!

hi thanks for feedback glad you (and hopefully kid) like it!

nice! Difficult (for me) but unique! Would like to see more sealife charactersin there too. also color blue ! Very cool.

nice idea!

hi,  thanks for feedback. Try the B button after you dial the phone number. Oh, its much smoother to dial on the emulator. I tested much of the game that way not on actual device and by then the jam was over. Im thinking of turning this into a different escape game but i will test more on actual device, your not doing anything wrong! thank you

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hey thanks! Yes I will take those suggestions for any future games. I wanted to tie the "times up" to a countdown timer thing but i see it mayve made it harder..maybe id have like an hour timeframe but that may defeat the purpose of having a timer! Yes i agree this game could improve thank you so much for your input!

yes I totally understand! nice.

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thanks. hey your not an idiot! Im bad at playing certain games too. and not the best at making them but its fun. Yes thats a good idea I think i will post a walkthrough/solution when i get a chance maybe next week thanksgiving... ill try to make a recording from the emulator since it works better than actual device! OK thanks again!

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thank you for your feedback. originally i had the crank to look around, but i wanted to use the crank for the rotary phone, which (as you can tell) was difficult for me to make. I really would like to collab with a coder to help me on these games because I dont know the better ways to execute things. Oh, B button to talk (on phone).  still im glad you see creativity in it in the limited time to make it thanks.

thanks! The cursor worked fine on simulator! but yes   on device its wonky. didnt have time to fix before jam ended..

you are not doing anything wrong. Try tilting the device to move around/away from window. Yes a "Backout/cancel" option is great idea, if i pursue this i will add it to the text. Thanks! 

got it! Keep up the nice work.

keep up nice work!

o yes. a crank can only help! Keep up nice work!

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o nice! i didnt know that -looks like you got it working great!

i like the name time FLIES- I get it ---a fly! nice concept! minimalistic fun .. I can see more items being added (fly related) but i understand the time constraints of this jam. unique game!

arcade style move the circle shoot and collect. crank to restart too- nice! background changes too.  would like to see a visual theme develop here maybe add human/insect/animal just personal choice. fun.

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simple little game crank to catch bubbles. This could be developed into something further with different size bubbles bonuses inside certain bubbles etc. Nice little intro to the game.

wow! i didnt know stones get stuck! This is fun!!! Each blob becomes solid to use to jump to reach the goal. nice graphics too  simple but effective.

nice! Wonderful music. Graphics very good recognizable fit osuikaa style games! I couldnt figure out the crank but i like the professionalism here. Reminds me of a game in airport where people scanned for certain items/suitcases. Keep up fun QUEUE simulator!

hey nice! Played it a bit like it!  lotsa ideas can be used for this like a cat/dog/pet setting off alarms /neighbors etc fun.

fun novel idea!

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Do not muzzle the ox by A Novel Approach (  prototype nes letter game demo

THE WOMAN IN GREEN (NES prototype) by A Novel Approach ( sherlock holmes nes puzzle game demo

 SACK THE CASTLE by A Novel Approach ( chesslike nes game demo

HIDDENVENTORY by A Novel Approach ( ascii roguelike nes game demo

Spot the fox by A Novel Approach ( trace fox footprint nes game demo

DOUBLE REVERSE by A Novel Approach ( football theme nes puzzle game demo

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hi sure whatever you want! 

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will do. and if you want a playdate game i made email me zartan917 at!

Addicting game! Also i think itd be fun if you made a pinball game! i attempted one bundled here: Gooseball Playdate plus SLINGSHOT pinball / SPARS boxing! by A Novel Approach ( but your game would have nicer  graphics! be well. 

Great twist on classic game! Looks intriguing. Will buy it soon thanks! 

Wonderful idea! keep up the nice work God bless you.

frustrating but cleverly fun! room j was hard to time! nice work.

Released! New games for Playdate. Puzzle type. one on a beach and one in world of Laurel and HArdy.

METAL Detector AND "2nd Hundred" Playdate! by Game portal.... (

ok finished it! 45 levels whew. Download free demo. Buy if you like. Thanks!

ah! once the beaches get full the tide comes in.I like this emergent feature, wiping away the clutter. Also added jellyfishies if you can see them... avoid them!