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will do! thanks!!

hi thanks for quick reply.  i didnt scale just added the model (i see the name but its black empty /not showing for preview like the fridge and other models.). error message too ...i cant wait to get this working! Also thanks for answering my other question, i picture my game having no stats/in game menu so im hoping to disable keyboard /option for that! keep on gaming!!

RPG Paper Maker community · Created a new topic 3d!

hi got it working with older version nice! Reminds me of cross between SMILE game builder and RPGINABOX! is there a certain size the obj models have to be I dont see them showing (custom ones). Also can all the stats/xp menus be turned off/not seen? I have idea for game i may use this nice engine! thanks.


hi testing it out looks great how one game can go to differet gameplay types! didnt test out shooter yet can bullets be "dropped" /shot downward? also can animated gif and/or gb cam included? PS future request a pinball template :)


thanks for reply! glad you like the gif idea!Is there way to add music/i didnt see pdf instrux as its prolly not ready yet but this is exciting user friendly engine!

hi!  can I (try to) sell a game made with this? can gifs be imported in future? will there be another engine like point and click? keep up nice work!

thanks    another idea is color based physics!LIKE  orange   would be heavy/   cornflower blue would be water.... could make platformers! I seen this done for a pinball maker! :)

thanks. i was limited didnt get much done with it...

thanks nice idea!

hey fun! wonder how it looks in gamboy greens! nice pseudo 3d!!!!

unique!! Some levels were tricky but not impossible! Id buy the full game thanks.

oooo thanks! keep up nice gameboy work!

hey thanks jupi.

reminded me of retro games (maybe parappa rapper/toejam earl?) i like the name and the visuals but i didnt get "The source" but keep making games!


 liked the flopping fishies all around! nice quest...i couldnt get passed the bully saying im not allowed there.. but fun game!

i like the idea of running into the ships!! nice pixel style!

yes! you explained the idea better than i could! Thanks!

thanks! there is a tool that converts images into a bitsy level im hoping it can do it all at once, i do each picture one at a time!!!!! thanks

great keep me posted!

nice mash up. It makes sense, the "gutter space" used for the other game clever! some ideas: add more roads intertwining IN the pacman level too- like extend highways through over and under the pacman board! also i didnt notice is there a jump to the other side (like in original pacman you can come out the other side) that may work well too. Keep up nice work.

hi i made my first game demo (like a figure out the emojis/drawings). How can I show others is there an online place to see the game?  I uploaded it to library thanks.

thanks! i figured out another way to collect based on order (so the person has to pick the right object first). Ok thanks!

thanks i tried it and it worked! visuals help! Is there a way to make it so an object can collect starting from top to bottom but not bottom to top? also, how can install any patches after i purchased it! Keep up nice work! PS that mario runner //platformer is sweet! Im trying to figure out how to make my own based on it.. 

"If there are two or more rules with the same LHS (in the same order!) possible, a random one of these is picked on execution. This also works for combinations of rules and transitions that have the same LHS."

is there a visual to this example- im a bit confused on it but sounds like a cool way to make randoms!

hi great! Everything seemed fine. If there was more time i would suggest varied music types to change tempo of games per level. Thanks

nice! The visuals (to me) are like voxel/pixel/retro in a unique way! I only got 600 (Im not good at  many games) but it seems well polished :)