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peppy music and big bold graphics are nice! I found a bug I think, when I keep jumping Z key the main character can keep going higher..interesting concept with dna!!

hi thank you! Yes I made the panels comic book page size but to fit into a gameboy had to scale down like you rightly stated. It was alot of work since gb has limit of pixels and takes hours to get right, so pursuing this idea I think I'll go with a larger screen game engine, but gb was the platform to help me have a proof of concept :) be well.

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i like the art and story  reminds me of start of flashback in weird way. im not good at the puzzle part but looks very polished :)

wonderful graphics, very thought out.  keep up the nice work!

wonderful! How on earth was the 3d achieved very impressive. Inspires me to make a war game. Keep up nice work

thanks! Its a weird balance to make a story in such a small screen, but I wanted to get the idea out there as proof of concept. GBA had comixzone but I don't recall action happening in between the panels... You're right adding puzzles and a solid storyline would work wonders which time permitting, I will try to do.. but perhaps in another engine (unless gbstudio3 lets me achieve some of this), thanks again. 

hi yes thanks I will try to pursue this idea... but maybe with a bigger screen as gb is limiting (although fun learning) ...

hi your doing it right. the z key hides text ..

(also the left flipper, x is right flipper). As it's unfinished, yes you can use arrow keys to move ball around but when complete (if ever) that function will be removed...unless its a wanted feature to kinda tilt it. Thanks.

thanks fixed!!

thanks fixed!!!

thats ok if its 16 x 16 pixels it prolly will work... thanks.

hi looks nice,. would this work with gbstudio 16x16? thanks


cool. is there going to be a way to "paint" collisions also? like has? Thanks!

sounds great!

nice! Will use in a game :) Any interiors for stadium like madison square garden? or rural stuff like a barn?! OK thanks :)

one of my fave engines! in future is there way to change the sprites color palettes in game? keep up nice work

nice! Itd be neat if this could expand to other old platforms like c64, etc (not sure if thatd be possible though) i hope to remake some games in your engine.

really neat! request: edit sprite/graphics! Keep up nice work!

you are a pro! Im going to try to upload the online version now too. thanks

ooo wonder when that will be out! Nice!! keep on gaming

very nice colorful graphics! mustve taken a while to make especially for gameboy! keep up nice style!

that too. if i ever work on the game again maybe ill make a tiny football icon instead. I have to get use to all these 16 x 16 8 x 8 small graphics! how did you get yours so crisp and larger? What art software do you use?! ok thanks.

thanks yes it makes sense once you know it, but im afraid its too unusual to grasp at first...

heheh  my lame attempt to let players know is the helmet has a "F" for football! lol

the idea was to jump OVER letters that would change the word. For instance jump OVER a K in knight (Because that would make the word..night).

 it was just another zany idea of mine

just try to run right to get to the touchdown...   it was just another zany idea of mine

ah yes football soccer! yup for my game it was just another zany idea of mine

just a demo... ideally, the switch wouldnt be "time based".. meaning you cannot just hover by one end and wait. It would be triggered by progress, movements from where the last play took place. maybe it is confusing but if any suggestions to improve is why i posted it thanks.

will do! thanks!!

hi thanks for quick reply.  i didnt scale just added the model (i see the name but its black empty /not showing for preview like the fridge and other models.). error message too ...i cant wait to get this working! Also thanks for answering my other question, i picture my game having no stats/in game menu so im hoping to disable keyboard /option for that! keep on gaming!!

RPG Paper Maker community · Created a new topic 3d!

hi got it working with older version nice! Reminds me of cross between SMILE game builder and RPGINABOX! is there a certain size the obj models have to be I dont see them showing (custom ones). Also can all the stats/xp menus be turned off/not seen? I have idea for game i may use this nice engine! thanks.


hi testing it out looks great how one game can go to differet gameplay types! didnt test out shooter yet can bullets be "dropped" /shot downward? also can animated gif and/or gb cam included? PS future request a pinball template :)