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pix64 is classic fun !!!    A suggestion: the  pallette file that comes with it, make  editable. So if the palette file has orange, there is orange in the game so people can make their own combos of colors!not sure how easy/hard that is..or  maybe theirs a  text file they can type 040443 or whatever color to customize games! kkeep up nice work lookin fwd to exporting to html etc 

Pix64 community » Carts · Created a new topic GRID64-- football!!!
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ok having fun with this engine. This time using football as a theme..enjoy. Im not sure but is there a way to check to see if all the pixels are completely white....Im using photoshop (unless better pixel editor out there)...  I have another cart ill post soon thanks!!!

thanks! Im going to post 3 more carts soon..

Pix64 community » Carts · Created a new topic PIN64 pinball!!!

hi all! new so i hope i uploaded the cart correctly... My first game with pix64.. PIN64 pinball. I use to make em in C64 bill budge kit!! Thank God I had fun no coding! Thanks also to  j8ch for quick tip! enjoy. 

doing voice tech now...   heres the first demo  so you just say "turn" and the page turns!

this is a physical game that combines flipbook action with choose your own path adventure from a new series...

There are more themes planned any feedback could help thanks!

ahh maybe in future i can have camera move too thanks for suggestion.

wow long  video nice! fun to watch your vid thanks again.

thanks! just a demo!

thanks that would be fun. Lets see if i get the funds to help me (so i can buy more fish/product to make game!) thanks again

mashing movie and bowling!!

hah thanks just a demo can be improved.

thanks Yes I was thinking varying graphics too like different levels of fighters. Well, at least the source code is released too so people can "level edit" with your suggestions (Im busy doing another jam /game right now) but thanks for your nice suggestions :)

hey reminds me of root beer tapper done as lcd nice!



oo i see thanks!


hi is this a filter/how could i apply this effect to game? thanks

hi i have a game demo i made- can i submit it if i repurpose it for nes colors etc also is there a set list of rules /guidelines? thanks...

3 (d) tables in one.

XIL 3d- 3d version of level of ww2 game "XIL"... 

1844 3d- takes place through history...

Grocery Warfare 3d - takes place in a supermarket!

thank you.

hi just released demo of XILfree demo ... im trying to tell a story of world war 2 using pinball as the gameplay... Not traditional too in that you complete a "mission" (table) by hitting circle target and automatically go to next mission....enjoy

awesome! the idea works! I was tryin to do something like that on my other game but I think i overcomplicated it! Your game is nice and not cluttered!

hi im making pinball games. This is the first one. If anyone is interested in helping (code, etc) please contact. Enjoy thanks.