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Wow... VERY atmospheric!
Great Artstyle and totaly unique. 
Love the 80s vibe. 
Awesome Job! :O

Yeah, the shop was supposed to symbolize Plant-Man's headquarters. ^^ 
Thanks for your feedback! :) <3 
I'll check it out! :) 

I really like it. :) 
Nice oldschool flavour but not dusty. ^^
Ball-Physics could be better. 
But overall i had a lot of fun. :)  

That is so cool.
I want a full game!
Would buy it immediately! :D
There is not much in the game but I am already addicted.
W...T...F... :D <3 

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This is awesome. :)
It hurts a bit in the eye (^^) and the dots could be a bit more visible (Green and turquoise are just too close together)  but I really like it. <3

Interesting concept. :) 
I leave a follow because I would like to see how the game evolves. :)

Really great idea. :) I REALLY like the art style. <3
Since it is just a demo and not a full game, I can not give the full score.
Maybe a bit over-motivated for such a short jam.
But I leave a follow there, as I would be happy if the game is developed further. :)

Sweet and unique concept. Kinda hard, but I'm bad in rhythm games. So it's not your fault. :D
Snake and flower are cute. The menu could have been a bit prettier.
But overall an interesting game. :)

Very charming Game. I really like this cartoon pixelated art style and the unique concept. :)
Stressful and fun at the same time. :D

Thank you very much! :) <3 

Because of the engine noise, I am now deaf but a very charming game. :D

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W...T...F... :D I had a lot of fun with it. ^^ 
A background (stars?!), sound and an arrow leading to the next point would have been nice.
But like i said, i like it alot. :D 
Awesome weird game. <3 ^^

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I see a lot of hard work here.
These tank controls first drove me crazy. After a while I came in.
A little more feedback for damage etc. would have been nice. I also found it lacked sound effects. All in all, I see a prototype here but not a game. I'm sorry. : /
But since this was created in a month and I see a lot of work in it, I have to say that it is not a bad job at all. :)
Maybe just a bit over-motivated...

Great and hard arcade game. I like the simple concept and the minimalistic but stylish graphics.
Maybe the lasers have a bit too much power. I think it would be nice if their strength increased the longer you play but otherwise a nice little game. :)

Holy Moly!!!
What a great game! The Artstyle is perfect, the Ambient-Music really fits. Fun and challenging physic-puzzles. The theme interpretation seems a bit arbitrary but overall one of the best games i've seen so far in this jam. 

Thanks!!! :) <3 
Yeah, actually the tendril was planned as a close-range attack. But that did not turn out to be a good solution. It has proved to be very bulky and difficult due to the simple movement.
I also thought about a cooldown, but I liked the buttonmashing in the end. ^^
But overall I can understand the criticism very well. ;) 

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Wow! Love it. I don't see really the "Hybrid-Factor" out of it! But it's a well done feel-good-game! :) <3 
Wish it would be longer... :'( ^^

At some points a little bit too random but a nice, fluid experience. :) 
Addicted to getting better.

Sweet Idea but I want to save my rating until I know if there's a logic behind when the ball is red or white.
I see no pattern or cooldown.
Good luck for the Jam. ;)

Thanks. :)
In "Arcade Mode" I wanted to get the old "I'll pull all the coins out of your pocket"-feeling.
The more modern mode is the "Casual Mode". Where you can continue as long as you like. :)

I just saw that has no message system.
No stress, just a little edit (^^) and good luck for the jam. :) 

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I am very excited! :)

AWESOME!!! Here and there a bit of polishing is missing but overall it has a lot of potential!!! 
Would love to see a full version on Steam one day! <3 
3 difficulty settings and procedurally generated fields should be enough.
Really addicting stuff. I just rushed through the levels. ^^
Found it strange that you can go to the next level without clearing the current one but like i said: Awesome Idea. Also love the minimalistic neon-graphics!!!
Unfortunately, there is no music.
So if you thinking about making a full version sometime: contact me. ;) I would love to make a cool Sci-Fi-Soundtrack to this. ;) ^^

I will do that. :) 
Thanks for your Feedback. ;) 

I have not thought about that yet. ^^
But you can download it from my webside if you like. :)
(Just click on the download-link)

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Thanks. :) Yeah, i did the Music too. Hope you like it. :)
Also again for you ^^: 
Maybe the "Casual Mode" is  more something for the first time playing. You go to the shop after every death and not back to the title screen. ;) 

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In "Arcade Mode": You can buy more lives per round in the shop after every finished level.
In "Casual Mode": You'll be sent to the shop after every dead and can collect coins and buy upgrades until you are ready to finish the level. ;)

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Really cool :D 
But :D

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I drank a beer, played this game and now I feel like on LSD ... What a trip. : D

Love it!!! <3 :) Awesome work!!! ;)