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no, I had not thought about it, thanks for the comment, and for playing, in the next update I will put options

Amazing web :D

Thank you for your review I love that you liked 


Me gustan los efectos de sonido

Me Gusta mucho la mecánica principal :D

Thanks for the comment. I'll tell you a secret, the piece is in room number 12/13. Don't tell anyone, it's a secret Xd

XD, you're right, now that I think about it if it looks like it.  The NPC teaches you how the piece is.  For the process, I will make it clearer.  thanks for the comment ;)

already this public, what happens is that he was in hiding.

sorry for the inconvenience

I hope the game is published without soon,
It's a very fun game, I love it

Thank you. I have already told you more than one, XD What are you in the next game

Use post processing stack and Lens Distortion, to give that effect.
I used it because it was discovered and it was cool

Thank you. The next one will be better, with a controller it is played better

Great art, but i recomended publish the Game in pc or in browse

Rate my Game please

Yes, te concepto is interesting, but the gameplay could be verter.

Rate my Game please

I like the gameplay, is very interesting.

Cool Game.

Rate my Game please :)

Interesting interpretation of theme 

Rate my please

God effects, and atmosphere, os cool.

Rate my please

The cover is cery well made.


Rate my Game please <3

I like the lighting, good job.

Rate my Game please :D

Good job in the Game.

Rate my please ;D



Rete my please

Rate my Game please :)

Rate mi Game please :)

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Thanks for your comment,

For now the game is infinite, and I think the limit of hats is 10.
; D