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Thank you to everyone who played and rated our game! I’m really glad I got to participate in this jam and play all of your games, I already look forward to participating in next year’s Game Off! Jam on!

I absolutely adore the art for this, I feel like there is a story waiting to be told with these characters. I would say the biggest issue was that it wasn't very clear how to do anything, even progressing through the menu in the beginning took some figuring out. I would also suggest possibly trying to make the backgrounds match the character art style a bit more- given how great the characters and portraits look, I think that would yield an absolutely gorgeous world! All in all, solid concept, especially if it is expanded to have a more complete battling system together. Beautiful game, nice work!

The trick is to jump using the z key

The trick is to jump using the z key

Alright, this has potential. The title and the graphic are interesting and drew me in, but the game itself is nigh unplayable. I couldn't get past the first section due to the overwhelming difficulty, amount of chickens, and the impossibility of jumping. I walked through the game after I died and saw the world change background and eventually got to the boss. These things are cool, but unfortunately, its impossible to get to them due to the difficult gameplay. Like I said though, there is potential here . Keep up the good work!

I absolutely loved the music, but as it took me a while to find the spy, I wish that it looped. Amazing how well the "wrong selection" sound effect fit in with the music. My only other feedback would be that perhaps the party scene would function more interestingly if people stood around in groups, and would occasionally leave groups to mill about before joining another one. All in all, interesting game! I would like to see it fleshed out more in the future if you're thinking about doing that. Good job!

Oh thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, a lotttt of work went into it but you guys playing it makes it worth it :)

Interesting game! It was difficult to quickly figure out which option you needed to pick while the monsters were advancing on each other's towns, which made the gameplay interesting. Like other people have said, more art & possibly different music would help flesh the game out more. Nice job!

Ooh, I didn't see the obstacles as being lasers. Some laser-type effect on them would help make the game more atmospheric than the random poles.

Nice visuals, and I really like that low ambient music. It took a minute to even realize that it was there, which is a good sign! Unfortunately I encountered an issue where whenever I died, the game would fade out but wouldn't restart, requiring me to exit and restart the game from the beginning whenever that happened. I love environment art though, and I can tell that a lot of thought and work went into making these backgrounds. Nice job!

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Interesting game! I also didn't know how to play minesweeper going into this, but I was able to learn it through playing this game. I think that, in addition to music, one improvement to the atmosphere of the game would be a background that fits with the theme (is it just me or is the skysphere in this rotated about 45 degrees?). I did a project a while back with a city in the same vibe as this game, all dark shapes and neon lights and strips running here and there, and I think something like that would serve as an excellent backdrop for this game.  All in all, good job!

Thanks for the feedback! The shops were added in last-minute because we wanted more serene areas that weren't just filled with enemies, so they don't fit in quite as well with the rest of the level design. I can definitely see their distance become frustrating, especially if you don't have a working pair of bipedal legs/AT treads. Again, thanks for playing!

Interesting game, I really like the inclusion of both a local 2-player mode and a VS AI mode. It took me a while how to figure out to beat the AI, too, but that might just be because I'm awful at soccer-type games. My only suggestion would be that perhaps there could be more lanes of traffic so that the "frogger" element of it comes out more. Nice job!

Wow, thanks so much! I really enjoy difficult boss fights, so while I was making this one I made sure I couldn't beat it in my first couple tries... but maybe I'm just a masochist. Again, thanks for the compliments!

Interesting concept, good to find another Unreal user! The office looks really good, my only suggestions as far as the look of the game would be to tone down the reflectivity of the floor and the motion blur because it distracts from the game scene. This is by and far the most interesting use of the time dilation feature I've seen in a game though! Good work!

Wow, for a game where you get points for poisoning people this is really cute and relaxing! The music is great and really refreshing compared to the hectic get-it-done soundtrack of most cooking-related games. Nice job!

This game is so neat! Genuinely inventive, original, and fun. God job guys!

Before, it crashed once when I shot voxella and then a second time when I tried it again. Today, I'd already deleted the files off my computer, so I re-downloaded them (the x64 bit version) and oddly enough I didn't have the issue of it crashing.

Thanks for testing out the linux build! If you find more time, try and get to the boss... its a fun fight!

It was using

Try this:

Wow, cool game! I think perhaps there should be a third mechanic that involves a wii remote, and maybe a fourth that requires guitar hero controller. Nah but really, my only note would be that the background that flashes really fast wears on the eyes after a little while. Great concept, very well executed!

Interesting game! My only note would be that the height of the poles sometimes makes it harder to see oncoming poles as they get closer to the camera. Cool mechanics, great job!

Wow, great game! The mechanics mashup is fantastic, and the gameplay is super well complemented by the superb visuals and audio. Great work!

Interesting game! Great arcade feel.

This game is beautiful! Its also ridiculously hard- instant death from getting hit by anything prevented me from getting very far in the game, especially because the explosive radius on the first enemy you encounter is huge! I think that this game would benefit from the addition of some sort of health system. I love the music, and the background, and the fireflies though. Good work!

Interesting game! I like the mechanic of a turret that plants trees and bushes. Unfortunately, when I shot at Voxella, the game crashed :(. I loved how green the place got though after a while. Good work!

Unfortunately, monsters kept suddenly appearing on top of me. I did, however, enjoy the death screens, so at least there was some joy in dying!

The game doesn't open in a window, but I can hear the audio in the background. Any idea how to fix?

Interesting game! I didn't expect at all to turn into a bird like that. My only notes would be that the arrows didn't seem very useful when I was a human, especially because you couldn't fire them while in the air. I liked the arcade style "continue" menu at death, nice touch!

Looks interesting, but how do I "confirm" on the second page (the page with the ice cream and question marks)? Nothing I do seems to advance the screen.

Great game! Fun dialogue, a good amount of upgrade options, and an increasing difficulty all made it very enjoyable. The only issue I had was that at one point after I lost a race it got hung up at the "loser" screen and my only option was to quit the game :(. I loved the music though, and I'd love to see a racing rpg like this fleshed out with multiple types of races. Great job!

I like the crazy scientist look mashed up with the fantasy-looking game. Makes me wonder what the story behind hairman is. My only notes would be that allowing the player to move while firing the wand would be helpful, and having the direction of the sword swing tied to the mouse is a little odd (although it made sense once I picked up the wand). Nice job!

Interesting mechanics, especially with the firing+detonation to get through obstacles. I got the idol, and I hope it really does make them happy... I had to kill a caveman to get it! Nice job!

Very cute! Loved the little snow protagonist and the music complemented the snowy scenes very well. The only issues I had were that the camera lagged a little too much, making it hard to see the direction in which your character was traveling, and that getting sent back to the beginning of the level all the time was a little tedious. The vibe reminded me of the area right outside Lavaridge town in Pokemon. I'd like to see it developed more, good stuff!

How to I run the windows build? The .exe just opens the Godot Project Manager

Hey, I'm trying to make a Linux build but I don't have a good machine to test it on. Could you test out the build for me?

Really nice visuals and great atmospheric music, although the controls seem a little unresponsive which makes the platforming hard. I like the idea of having two different health bars, when I'm at one health with the axe but need the extra jumping power it creates some tension. Nice job!

Very difficult, but really interesting concept and very intuitive controls! It also seemed very complete, all the functionality was there and it didn't feel like anything was missing.