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Really great concept, good job !

I think we've already told you but it should be something that prevents the "spam" keys to avoid the ease.

All is well ! The music is catchy, the graphics are nice, and the gameplay, humor and atmosphere are really good ! 

It has already been said, but the atmosphere is relaxing and the graphics are cool, the game is nice to play !
Much less stressful than the usual cooking games.

Funny game ! I'm agree with previous comments about the maniability, but the concept is cool and addictive.

Thorough, it could give a real good strategy game.

Very good idea, it's very nice to see our project evolved, and I can not explain why.

It is really hard, but very addictive and it is done intelligently !

The game is nice to play and I love the atmosphere, the music is really cool! Very good work

It is really nice to play! The sounds add an atmosphere and it is still a little hard, awesome work !

Great ambiance and idea. It can become addictive !

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It's hard but great combination, great work !

The music is little bit agressive but the mix of genres is interesting !

I really like the mood and the graphics, really great works :)

You have been brave to answer the theme in this way! Great works !

The game lacks clarity. But I love the concept, very good interpretation ! really great works

Great idea and graphics ! :)

It's so simple and yet so fun ! great works

It's really hard and addictive, customization brings a plus !

It's you who makes me discover it on discord!

Great audio & ambiances ! +1 for the engine used :)

The game has a great atmosphere, i like it.

Really addictive ! Great job !

It's really nice to play and strangely addictive !

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The interpretation of the theme for your game it's really cool !

Your game has a soul.

One of the best theme interpretations of the game jam.

It's cool, it's a game I'll like to find on mobile!

The game is really nice to play, and yet so difficult.

It's really awesome, i would like to play this on mobile !

Good job ! The idea is awesome !

Great games! I don't understand why there is no more RTS with side-scrolling view.

It's corrected, thanks you !