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We are glad you enjoyed it! :)

Wow, we didn't think about how hard it would be for someone with disability to enjoy our game. We wanted it to be challenging to clear, but we never thought it would be impossible for some players to reach the end. Accessibility will certainly be a concern for us when making our next game, thank you for the advice! :)

Great idea, I really enjoyed it! :)
Maybe it would be nice to have some "code refactoring" power ups appearing as you go down with the code. Then, the player could activate these power ups to change the code line right below the cursor.

Wow. Nice concept. i really believe it's more like one tetriminos flying like a flap bird but is more than that. Thank you for this game. 

Very funny game. I hate this alien shooter plant (in a good way). Music is very good. I really enjoy play this game.

Nice game. I have  a heart attack when the werewolf jump toward me. Soo funny.

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Well. 1 month goes by fast.  Congrats on the game. Really appreciated the game.

We are glad you liked it! We did play your game, It was very fun! We spent a lot of time dodging those poles. :)

Glad you liked it! É nós, huehuehauhauha... :D

Nice! :)

That game OMG. I laught soo hard. This is my tyrannosaur crocodile. Good game, and nice backgroud music.

Glad you liked it! We will fix this flashing background issue once the jam is over. :)

Entendi, é complicado conseguir deixar tudo bem polido em só um mês. :(
Mas tenho certeza de que logo vocês conseguem colocar as demais armas nele. Bom trabalho! :D

Este jogo é bem engraçado. Meu deus que mashup é esse. O som ficou ótimo.

Good concept. But is very hard to fit the piece and turn.

I already worked with the stock market and realized this game was concern in the philosophical parte of the activity. But unfortunately I believe that the people of this game jam are not in search of this type of hybrid interaction.

Very funny game. Ideal for casual players. I'm in love with the boar, very cute. 

Well, this game have some bugs. But the idea is very funny. If this game have more weapon and less bug, I think people would like this game.

It's a fantastic idea. Very beautiful and a good background music. But my keyboard did not work very well because it mimics the notebook keyboard in numeral pad.

This game reminds me my childhood. It's very cool, challenging and with great background music. 

LOL this is fun!
I really liked the intro hahaha that was great

I am using Ubuntu 18.04, Gnome Desktop, resolution 1920x1080 (16:9). I am also using dual monitors, I guess that's what causing this trouble. X Window System never handled dual monitors well with me. :(

Wow! I've never thought in this kind of hybrid, nice idea! ;)
It's a new kind of challenge for board games!

Thank you very much! We are glad you enjoyed it! :D

Very cute!ヽ(・∀・)ノ
Easy to play but the screen resoluton settings only adjust the game and not the score and menu, below 1280x720 I can't see the restart button (only see part of a white square)

Hahaha It's hard but funny. The customization was a good idea ;)

Had a great time playing it. :D

This was the furthest I could get:

Aww, couldn't get past the 3rd level. Had a nice time dodging those bricks, though.

Maybe a fast-paced nifty music would add a nice feeling to it. :D

Keep up the good work!

Does the game ends when the girl reaches the car? I couldn't get to another level after that.

I know this zombie enemy shouldn't move very fast (it's a zombie after all), but maybe it would be more challenging to the player if it did. :)

Keep up the good work! :D

Wow! This game is surprisingly well done! The music and the scenery make a tense atmosphere, goes perfectly with the plot.

Regarding the intro, it would be nice to show an icon "press Esc to skip" or something like that. The second time I played, I was not aware the intro was skippable, so I had to watch it again.

We are looking forward to see the future project mentioned in the game page. :D

Pretty interesting! Tactical grid games usually don't favor quick thinking, since there is no time limit for each turn. This was a nice combination. :)

That was fun! The Kremlin agent couldn't follow our samba moves. xD

I had an issue with mouse input when trying to play on Linux, mouse clicks were not captured right under the cursor. Then I ran the game on Windows and everything went OK. :)

Nice work! Keep it up! :D

We thought about using other means of input since not everyone owns a PC controller, but the idea was to keep both of the player hands busy and make him/her press a key on the keyboard to receive a power up. We wondered if it was possible to use two mice in the game controls, but then we decided it was going to be too much of a challenge for us to make it work in just a month. xD

We are very glad you liked it! You scored pretty nicely! :)

Right now we are trying to come up with a better way to explain the controls, since they are a little bit complicated. We will look into this glitch effect once the game jam is over, as well.

Thanks! :D