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Can I check whether free unity assets are ok? e.g. the Post-Processing Stack or a free asset pack like Farland Skies

my best: 138 (top tip: you can use shells to stop your momentum a little)

this is how lumbering maybe might not work, but it's pretty good nonetheless, my high score: 68

build the mansion you totally do not want to live in unless you like getting seasick!

cute and complete mini-RTS with a refreshing take on those wave-attack Flash games, watch out for pirate ships.

nice clean shooter - might need to have the page's game frame enlargened as you might not be able to click on the buttons (if so you can right-click and show only that frame to get the full view)

hi, sorry for the delay, busy couple of days S_S , here's my keyline for the Appdata:

keymap="Up:Up,W;Down:Down,S;Left:Left,A;Right:Right,D;A:Z,T;B:X,H;X:Left Shift,Right Shift,Space;Y:C,R;L1:F;L2:G;R1:V;R2:B;Start:Return;Back:Escape,Backspace"

and for the game files

update: I've tried it downloading standalone and it's having the same issue

Through the App. Having played a bit more it seems to be somewhat linked to the backspace key? I'll try playing it standalone tonight and see what happens.

10/10 artwork, a small and focused management game, where my only complaint is it's kind of hard to see how much the city is doing, I feel like I kept dragging to cause more logging and fishing but the forest and sea were just too powerful to stop! D:

Good idea and very easy to play (and get yourself stuck in :S), only thing to be aware of is it's missing a way to rotate the camera or see enemies/player position through blocks, so get a mental map ready.

what this guy said, adding on that the music track is perfect for it and this game manages to get quite a bit of level design out of a few assets.

Hey, I've been playing the game and have received this crash most times I've played it:

I'm unsure as to the cause yet but it feels as if the backspace/shift keys are part of the issue, it occurs in pretty much any game mode, but I can consistently cause it to happen every time by using the track editor, but I'm not sure when.

I've tried running the game in Admin mode but it still happens.

Nice autumn feel, like it!

I feel like a mortal to this god's presence.

Hey - I've fixed the main issue with the 5.6 upgrade in 1.4, but have come across some other issues, sadly I don't have the time to fix them properly but it should at least give you the basic functionality back.

Oh boy, thanks for the heads up! This is a weird one, as it's due to the Canvas component next to the Frame (+ it's other components)