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Good game and great idea, for me I'd say the final touches to make it a great game are to make the enemy AI a bit dumber (right now it's a little tough with it always tracking the ball), giving it some abilities of it's own to fight back against the player, and a win/fail state that could perhaps lead into different game modes?

Also managed to get the following combo of cards:

  1. Get the double paddle card
  2. Get a couple cards to double your paddle size
  3. Bingo! You now cover the whole of your side of the screen and become unbeatable :D

Good hard game with a nice layer of polish over it (the fading between runs is just the right length).

I wanted to push past the pineapple but couldn't as whilst I'm fine with the hard gameplay, the lack of checkpoints was what broke me. I think if the bushes marked with a crown were the checkpoints this game would be a lot fairer. Good job with a menu/settings screen btw!

Nice entry with a cool approach to doing landmass/cameras (also props for doing an unreal engine game).

My main comment is that the twin realities isn't quite clear, it seemed like the only way to view the other side was with the top-down camera (good catch with the direction arrow btw), and the primary attack wasn't consistently editing the land across each level (which of course mix it up, but I didn't see a clue or visual hint that something changed).

I'll add a loan option in the weekend patch (and also maybe fix the money calculations too)

This is strange and wonderful, love the artwork, and the music fits perfectly. My comment would be the controls are an odd mix of keyboard/mouse controls.

An interesting twist on card games, good gameplay and smooth (nice animations btw, a great OOMPH when a thing attacks). For me I felt like I was always yearning for a second attack slot, and a few of the card descriptions were hard to read due to the font.

No worries at all, input bindings across control methods are always the bane of a jam project imo (I got super lucky with someone making a simple input asset for Unity to handle a lot of the trouble with it).

Good idea! A nice mix of two different genres in a well-polished game (well done for doing a full menu with settings options, with snappy animations to boot). I found that the player was a bit too slow but it helped to make the gameplay a bit more challenging.

I think I might be missing something but are there only 2 levels?

This is just great from dice to putt, nice work! (Also good punsmanship)

Ah! I thought so but couldn't seem to get it to detect, I'll give it another go after trying some more games.

Good game, scratched my itch for some rallying that I haven't scratched for a while :P

I love it, I love everything about this. All that's missing is some frantic typing and gibberish swearing from the programmer writing the file :P

Good game, a bit confusing at first but once I read through the help-messages the gameplay worked a lot smoother and was fun; I like how you did the first-person around the player orb, different but similar.

This looks good, great soundwork, and the premise is neat (love the vending machines as checkpoints too), but I'm finding it hard to do the wall-jump & dimension swap on keyboard, 

I tried using my Xbox One gamepad but it seems like the dimension swap binding is missing? Dpad & Y are movement/dash, can't find the button for swapping.

I genuinely lost myself trying to win a game of this, damn good job making a strategy game for a jam dude!

Aaargh I knew I was missing something in my playtesting! One of the big features I missed out putting in was a targeting/prediction UI for aiming at stuff, I'll be sure to add that in with some beefier faster projectiles, thank you for the feedback! ( and sorry about your bank balance :C )

Great little platformer with a good deal of polish, well done! Although it came out a little small on my 1440p monitor I still managed to do a few bosses on each difficulty :D

(good music selection btw)

I didn't know it when I got it, but this is the reason I bought a wireless keyboard a month ago.

Great dogfighting game! I got 5 levels in before falling to the german pilots, no more Santa :C

Overall it's great, personally I found it a bit slow-paced (however it acts as a good tutorial & warmup so good job) where I had to play 4 levels before I could unlock something; level 5 is when the game started to come alive! But then I died, and having to play from 1 again it kinda ruins the spell a bit. If I can skip ahead and have enough mooney to unlock an item then I think you've got a great pickup-and-play game here.

This is a really great jam game! The atmosphere and art are well done (props to whoever did the background audio) and the game mechanic is unique, love the slightly dystopian world mashed with the UI.

Only problem I ran into is I can't get past the second day, as I don't see any words in this set of video tapes?

Aaah I see, so one thing I wanted to add was a "please login" type fake screen to the terminal, and there I can add a "are you new?" tutorial page to clarify things, do you think that would help? (Like a small page/page/page like with the intro to the game)

Good game, simple and to the point.

Quick note is that I found with the gamepad I couldn't aim? It wanted to keep the last mouse position.

Good work, a neat little platformer idea that plays well and has some sneaky level design in there. The bullets are simple but are placed in just the right place to catch you out. Only missing pieces are gamepad support and a bit of Adventurous music.

Thank you, I was worried the tutorial text wasn't enough, it was the last thing I hastily put in on the last day :S Can I ask what gameplay systems were left unclear? (For a small update next weekend after I rest up)

Thanks! If I may ask what did you find was the busiest part of it?

I'll add that this is some damn good work, but is very hard to play - I found that I can only get the one crystal above the starting area without jumping into spikes. Aside from that the art and feel of it is extremely impressive, just needs some easier crystals to get to to get the defense snowball ball rolling.

Looks good! Playing it is a bit stiff but works with the survival horror genre; the key thing I'd say that feels missing (aside from audio but that always slips by) is a bit of UI to clarify health, equipped weapons and such.

Can I check whether free unity assets are ok? e.g. the Post-Processing Stack or a free asset pack like Farland Skies

my best: 138 (top tip: you can use shells to stop your momentum a little)

this is how lumbering maybe might not work, but it's pretty good nonetheless, my high score: 68

build the mansion you totally do not want to live in unless you like getting seasick!

cute and complete mini-RTS with a refreshing take on those wave-attack Flash games, watch out for pirate ships.

nice clean shooter - might need to have the page's game frame enlargened as you might not be able to click on the buttons (if so you can right-click and show only that frame to get the full view)

hi, sorry for the delay, busy couple of days S_S , here's my keyline for the Appdata:

keymap="Up:Up,W;Down:Down,S;Left:Left,A;Right:Right,D;A:Z,T;B:X,H;X:Left Shift,Right Shift,Space;Y:C,R;L1:F;L2:G;R1:V;R2:B;Start:Return;Back:Escape,Backspace"

and for the game files

update: I've tried it downloading standalone and it's having the same issue

Through the App. Having played a bit more it seems to be somewhat linked to the backspace key? I'll try playing it standalone tonight and see what happens.

10/10 artwork, a small and focused management game, where my only complaint is it's kind of hard to see how much the city is doing, I feel like I kept dragging to cause more logging and fishing but the forest and sea were just too powerful to stop! D:

Good idea and very easy to play (and get yourself stuck in :S), only thing to be aware of is it's missing a way to rotate the camera or see enemies/player position through blocks, so get a mental map ready.

what this guy said, adding on that the music track is perfect for it and this game manages to get quite a bit of level design out of a few assets.

Hey, I've been playing the game and have received this crash most times I've played it:

I'm unsure as to the cause yet but it feels as if the backspace/shift keys are part of the issue, it occurs in pretty much any game mode, but I can consistently cause it to happen every time by using the track editor, but I'm not sure when.

I've tried running the game in Admin mode but it still happens.