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A good thought-provoking essay - I didn't gel with Nier:Automata, but was surprised at it having a corpse-run mechanic a'la Dark Souls, didn't realise later in the game it plays with the idea further.

If you played it - what did you think of Hotline Miami? With the instant-replay nature of it's loop, thinking back to it with this POV of the games you've picked out; it's like death is reduced to just a speedbump, but still has some impact & edge with the sound & visceral blood splatter.

Thanks! Shame you didn't have your controller handy. I've updated the game's page to mention it nearer the top. I'll try to make the full version be nicer about showing keyboard inputs 🙂

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Please read through in case your issue is present here, if not, then post in the bugs thread.


"I see [error] in the top left of the screen & around the game UI"

  • try unplugging any connected gamepads or peripherals other than keyboard & mouse

"I've tried changing settings and now the game window is maximised, but isn't full-screen?"

  • Try pressing Alt+Enter to actually maximise the window (sorry dunno why this is happening)

"I've tried changing some settings, but they don't seem to have changed anything?"

  • Close & reopen the game
  • Try resetting settings to defaults then close & reopen the game, then you should be able to change them


"Why can't I rebind controls?"

  • I'm using a version of the unity InputSystem which doesn't support it, this will come in a later update once the package is updated

"I'm having difficulty playing, and would like <accessibility option> to help"

  • Please make a new post requesting it! I'll read and try to implement what I can, but some features may be too difficult for me to add.

"huh" is how I'd describe this game, in the best possible way.

Hey, just browsing the Devlogs & noticed yours - as a tip from one dev to another, if you feel like you aren't progressing, perhaps try having your completed tasks visible somewhere (in my case, with a Kanban view this is fairly straightforward). That way you can see just how much you've done in a given <period of time>, which helps with the malaise of it all.


Hey, this is a thread for reporting issues with the game, such as:

  • Bugs
  • Difficult/Impossible Levels
  • Typos
  • etc.

Please keep posts concise and on-topic please.

(will be updated upon release)

👋 hey, since you really liked it, just letting you know I'm close to releasing the full game! Page is here, will be out Sept 4th! 

👋 hey, since you really liked it, just letting you know I'm close to releasing the full game! Page is here, will be out Sept 4th!

Thank you so much for the kind words, since you really liked it, just letting you know I'm close to releasing the full game! Page is here, will be out Sept 4th!

👋 hey, since you really liked it, just letting you know I'm close to releasing the full game! Page is here, will be out Sept 4th!

👋 hey, since you really liked it, just letting you know I'm close to releasing the full game! Page is here, will be out Sept 4th!

👋 hey, since you really liked it, just letting you know I'm close to releasing the full game! Page is here, will be out Sept 4th!

👋 hey, so it's been a minute, and I'm close to releasing the full game! Page is here, will be out Sept 4th!

Hey, your prototype isn't half bad! Took a minute to get used to, but the camera/car feel is already smooth and lively.

No worries, it's just the curse of a jam - something has to give. But I find that if the takeaway is "I just need to tweak some variables, but the core thing is alright" that's a pretty good jam 👍 Looking forward to the update!

Overall this game looks great, but I had difficulty playing it, even on easy. For me as someone who's played RTSes I found the select/order the opposite way around, and the zombies seem to attack too soon before I can get any units out & about. Additionally it's hard to distinguish recruitment houses from normal ones.

Like others, I think with a juicy layer of polish wrt controls, having some time before the zombies appear, and other touches, this could be really neat! I played something similar a while back by the fine folks at Blendo Games, maybe take a few cues from what they did 👍

This feels like playing an old arcade game whilst drunk, I love it.

Completely lost myself trying to do level 8, 849/1000 was my best 😫 Good game!

Ohhh I see! I thought I just had to drag them vaguely near the edge of the screen. I was wondering why they weren't filling the card spaces when I was moving them. I'll try again and let you know if it's me or a ghost in the machine fiddling with things 🔧

Understood, I've written it down and will add that when the rating period finishes, thanks for playing!

One of my favourites from this jam! Only issue is I really had to zoom out the webpage to see all the map? I think the default zoom level isn't enough, or the camera centering could use a fix.

I'm a sucker for unlit toy-like games, nicely done!

Neat idea! Love the wires connecting buttons to actions.

Good job getting a bunch of levels together, I think you've got something here. Would love to see what a polished & extended version of this looked like 😁

This is a fun stupid game to play, love the blatant ragdolling you got with the characters and physics chaos.

My only real beef with the game is losing cubes as I move around - if they were knocked out only by other shoppers or colliding hard into walls I'd be much happier with the game, but losing them by taking a corner or the physics making a cube immediately pop out of my basket is a bit aaaargh inducing 😅

I really want to like this game, the presentation is great! But I kept running into my cards randomly changing beneath me - I would flip 'em, check 'em, place 'em, and then when it got to the game they would suddenly be completely different cards?

So my planning to have 2 +5 welds against a -2 completely flipped on me to different cards and I have no idea why. If the cards were a list of "here's what random things they could be", or if the sea ones changed (your flotilla ones staying the same) I'd be happier, but as it stands it feels like my time spent planning isn't worth it.

Well done! It's no easy feat to make such a cohesive game - the visuals, sound, and game feel are all in lockstep.

I got to 16K before letting a ship through, as I was able to defend against big waves fairly well - I found that as long as I juked any close ships, I could survive pretty easily. Maybe having ones that split up or need the focused beam to frazzle would help make this more varied. But anyway nicely done!

Dude this game is great! Well done! I was so scared on the last level in the dark 😱

Great little game and nicely done with getting the game/game page visuals to match up so neatly!

I think that one thing that would make this more interesting is having some kind of country reluctance to the quarantine action, I found I was able to clamp on any outbreak pretty easily.

I really like this, and I'm curious - how did you script the levels? As it feels like early on you can click buttons waywardly to get all of them, but past level 15 you need to backtrack a few times to get to a hidden button?

Is each square a set of boolean combinations to reveal/not?

YES, GET IN!!! (...after like 3 sessions, the rebound got it on 😅)

Nice art! And well executed, felt almost bullet-hellish with trying to avoid your own attacks/abilities.

Tried playing this, looks like a cool idea, but I can't seem to get past the first bomb? I cut the wires then instantly fail the 2nd set? (from what I can see the wall in level 1 is still moving when 2 begins?)

Great handling, physics feel just right imo.

I feel your pain! I have to remind myself to do audio every jam :X

I don't know what to do when the cheatmaster is plugged in? I can place a gate, link it to a switch, and then nothing happens? I'm stuck in the starting area.

I think this is a cool concept, but my train was in darkness, so I had no idea where the train was, or how to really deal with that. I found it a struggle to figure out anything on the dashboard.

I'd love to play another iteration on this with some more help guides (maybe something like in Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes or Paper's Please, where you have pages to flip through and diagrams to look at)

Ditto for wanting more levels - feels like you've got a great little card game here! Looking forward to more :) Good job on the presentation and tutorials.

You ever look at someone else's game and go "what am I doing making games?", yeah yours looks downright gorgeous;

I did run into a collision issue when falling down a hillside, got stuck endlessly falling into I guess a corner or something, but enjoyed standing in place looking at the sunset.

Great looking game! Feels like a homely little art studio.

Just to let you know, first time I played, I managed to end up back in the menu? (by clicking in the centre of the screen), and it didn't show me what controls to press until I restarted the game. I think having Q/R/Spacebar as well would be good keys to listen for, E felt like an odd choice.