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We really like the effort and time you've put into making this, especially the cute characters. 

But you need to consider gameplay elements and sound to keep it more interesting. This is a good first step towards making your own games, keep on going! :)

This was  a very sweet game. A friend and I sang along!

Great design, great audio!

Good to hear you liked it.

More people told me it slowed down after a while. I guess I could do a lot of opmization and should look into that - but untill the voting is over I will not change anything.

Great idea! Meta as fuck. I like it! I think gameplay wise you could have maybe opened up more control through how you display the sourcecode. Now it's layed out like how it looks in an editor - but what if it was layed out horizontally like a platformer. Anyways, this is one of the better games I have seen so far in this jam.

My personal best is $44821040 in damages

What a great game! I love the character design and the story you wrote around it.