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Awesome concept and very fun! Great visuals though I think it'd do with better audio, a calmer more soothing song would have been nice. The game even taught me some words that I didn't know! 

Has a few issues, as others have pointed out it would be amazing if the pieces fell after you made a word. The other thing is that when rotating sometimes the letters shifted position instead of staying where they were supposed to!

Overall, great game and I hope you continue to develop this as it's absolutely something I'd love to give another go. 

Fun and addictive game! Very well packaged with great visuals and sound! 

Only thing I'd change is to make the spikes that appear from the ground reactable. Otherwise this was great fun! 

Amazing visuals! Really enjoyed the design of this game! 

It was a fun game to play and pretty enjoyable! Amazing interpretation of the theme! 

Enjoyable game! Fun game play with great presentation! 

Only thing I'd change is the random direction the boar goes after every hit! It's be nice to feel like you have some control over what direction the pig goes in! And also maybe making it level based where you get more boars added and maybe smaller fences! 

Really fun game! Very addictive as I'm sure others have mentioned and has a good difficulty level, very easy to understand what to do from the get go. 

Only thing I'd work on going forward is the sound and visuals! The gameplay is there so it has so much potential! 

Overall, super enjoyable and would love to see this developed further!

Just got round to playing this game. The idea is super good, I was really excited to try it and it was quite fun to play. Awesome visuals as well! 

One thing that I found difficult was the controls though, well, I think more the physics. I think it'd have been nice to have a bit more control over your ship. Especially where the goal is to lure the enemy to their doom! It was also hard to time the bomb explosion just because it took a moment after you pressed space. I think it'd be nice if it was immediate, it give the user a sense of "I'm dope!" when they managed to detonate something during a quick pass by of the ghosts! 

Overall I enjoyed it and would love to see it developed further! 

The start of this game was really cool, loved the animation! The game itself was also really enjoyable, I had a lot of fun playing it! I think it'd be cool if it started off a bit easier with less of the power-ups to bump into but I don't think it was an issue at all in this game, maybe just an idea going forward!

Thanks! Appreciate that!

A great simple idea, but could really use some better implementation at certain points. It's a good combination of genres that really fit well together.

Unfortunately the execution wasn't the best at times. The movement took a bit of time getting used to, as well as the physics as it doesn't quite feel as you expect it would. The transition is really sudden, and often the killing factor in the game which was disappointing to die that way. Sometimes the cats in the pigeon levels were invisible and I would die for no reason in them as well. They seem to only spawn at the top and bottom though so you could just keep the pigeon center and not worry about anything. I also managed to die as the pigeon, but then transitioned to a rat and carried on playing, managing to get 50seconds.

Overall, a great idea with the core idea implemented fairly well which could be a good mobile game idea with some improvements made. 

A nice game with the difficulty that's a little too high. Actually, I think the difficulty would be alright with a better control scheme. The J key for jumping feels very weird, compared to the standard up or space key. The visuals were nice, the audio was really well suited to the game as well as the sound effects and music both complimented the game.

The wall jump didn't feel very nice and a bit awkward to control. The way we got around this was allowing an early wall jump when you're not quite against the wall, which would match your aerial mobility well. Otherwise, allowing buffered inputs for characters with less aerial mobility would also work.

Overall a fun little game. Would have been nice to have been able to see if there was any content further that I missed out on.

Really cool simple idea, with good execution. The physics feels nice, although the gravity felt a bit heavy. I assume it was done like that though, because otherwise it would be too easy. The extra features were a really nice touch, such as being able to load your own sources files. It would be nice if reaching the end of a file would either loop, or trigger some kind of file complete screen.

Overall, a neat idea with some great additional features to add to the game make it a fun nifty idea.

A nice fun 2d implementation of a portal game. Feels very similar to Valves Portal with the robot putting you through tests and berating your intelligence, though the text for each level really added to the game. I found the portal physics when colliding with the player to be a bit finicky but not too annoying. The sound was really nice, and fitted with the gameplay and text really well.

The only part I didn't enjoy was the controls for shooting portals which felt very uncomfortable and would have been the perfect thing to put on the mouse instead of the wasd keys.

Overall, a really nice game that's well put together with great thought put into the text, level design and audio. A touch up on the visuals, physics and controls could make this game really enjoyable.

This was a nice fun little game, with some good RTS implementation. I feel like there good be a bit more guidance in what you want to accomplish and how you need to go about it, but overall, a good implementation.

Pretty neat and simple game. A few things that would be nice is some audio (I had nothing coming through when I played) and a solution viewer, so that you could view the solutions for each puzzle if you wanted to. 

Overall, the core game is a nice puzzle game and a few extra features and polish could make it really nice.

The game looks nice, unfortunately I wasn't able to load into the game. I imagine it requires a second player to join in order to load in.

If so it would be nice if you added a training mode or something to that effect that could be played single player so I could play through it.

There was something about this game I really enjoyed, I think going and finding the hexagons and digging them up and seeing all the objects pour out was really satisfying. I had a good time playing it! The animation of the dog digging and running was great too!

I think there were a few issues with the physics and they could be tightened up so that you could have more control over the character. Potentially having the physics velocity based as well as forced based would be neat. Sometimes the UI on the left got in the way of seeing what you needed to get to. Also I got stuck at the end near the spaceship as I needed to find one battery but couldn't find a way to go back! Maybe more consideration towards level design if you decide to continue with this game.

Overall, it was a fun game and with a bit more polish and a lose condition added it'd be even more fun!

Whilst the game wasn't visually or audibly amazing, I found the core game quite fun and think it could be made into quite a nice mobile game. I think checkpoints would be nice, but because the difficulty ramps up quite quickly, it doesn't feel too punishing to start from the beginning again. The varying patterns of particles was nice as well.

It would have been nice to have the score increasing on distance traveled (except for the checkered line) or time passed, but overall, it was a really fun game with a good level of difficulty. Also, I wasn't able to close the game without the help of task manager.

This was a really cool game. Really loved the theme interpretation here and felt really innovative. The graphics were really cool as well and it felt very well packaged overall. 

I think the physics were interesting, but I'd have definitely made him actionable after 1 or 2 bounces as I feel like not being able to control him after this detracted from the fun of the game. Especially with the spikes being introduced so early. The character felt like he had the same physics properties in both character mode and ball mode so would have been nice if they (friction and bounciness) were reduced for the character.  

Overall though, this game was really enjoyable and one of my favourites so far of the Game Jam!

It was an interesting interpretation of the themes and genres. I quite enjoyed the audio, although I felt that there was room for improvement on the story elements in an RPG game like this. Overall, I think it's a good game considering the time limitations.

Thanks! Tried your game and left you a comment!

Thank you! I'll definitely give your game a go!

Thanks, appreciate that! 

Thanks, really appreciate the feedback! 

Which holes were you falling into?

This game was a really beautifully designed game. I loved how it looked, the only thing I'd have maybe changed was a bit more fluid wall slide and jump animations. I also feel like the spikes were too similar to the ground colour so sometimes I didn't even see them. 

I think, as others have mentioned, the difficulty is really high at the beginning. Would have loved it to be slightly simpler to begin with and then ramp up in difficulty. There was also a couple of parts that didn't flow so well in terms of aiming a wall jump and getting stuck on a wall instead of going through the gap. In instances like that the gap should have been lower. 

Nice game though and I enjoyed playing it. 

We had very similar ideas when creating our games! Our game is also one where you switch dimensions, or as we call it perception. Super solid idea, but as already mentioned (and as we found with our game) keyboard controls are really difficult.

Would have loved to give this a go with an Xbox controller!

So, this game was a good effort. I played it for a bit but got stuck in a dead end after you go into the door and go to the red place. 

Some bits were a little difficult to not get hit. I would have liked to have seen an easier run up to teach you the game a little and then to maybe get harder as the game went on. 

A nice idea though, and I enjoyed using the keyboard to move with the mouse to aim!

So I think as you mentioned on our game, physics are hard! I found particularly the dash and boost mechanics had less control than I would have liked. It's definitely super hard and the random element was interesting, but sometimes I think the levels were too hard with the cards that were dealt. 

I'd have liked it if it maybe only dealt a few jumps at the beginning to ease you in, throw in a boost here and there so that you can start to get used to the discard and shuffle mechanic and then start to add dash's and others later on.

Super fun game though, I enjoyed playing it and extremely innovative! The card aspect is actually really fun and the audio was probably one of my favourite parts! A lot of potential there!

It is super hard to get the physics right for sure. I think with a controller it's definitely a lot easier but the game takes some getting used to! Thanks for the feedback! 

Interesting game! I enjoyed playing it and it was easy enough to understand once I got used to it. At first it was a bit difficult because the game kind of throws you into it. I didn't really learn that you could walk on top of enemies once you trap them until after a while. As a user said below it would have been nice to have some sort of tutorial. 

Overall it was a nicely packaged game.