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Outstanding game!

Out of all games I've played and rated, this one is no doubt the best one! The level of polish this game has received, for a game jam entry, is nothing short of a spectacular! 

The graphics in this game look very well done, the monochrome pixel art looks great and very climatic. Speaking of climatic, the audio in this game, besides being climatic, is also good and pleasant to hear, especially the music. The soundtrack for this game, is so fitting and relaxing, and I was actually pretty shocked to see, that it has been created by the developer for this game! Overall, the audiovisual effects are on point, they surely are the best part of this game.

The gameplay isn't bad either. It's a basic platforming game, mixed with a story telling and character upgrading. The controls are easy to understand, the game isn't too hard to beat, and exploring this desolate world and it's history is a cool and immersive experience. It's pretty solid, and I've had no problems while playing.

The only minor flaw this game has, is that the theme interpretation, compared to the rest of the game, isn't too good. The "hybrid" theme in this game appears in a form of character upgrades. It's an ok theme interpretation, but it could be a bit more creative. But this flaw, is insignificant.

Overall, this game is truly astonishing, and I rate this 5 stars! I'll be shocked if this game doesn't win this game jam.

It's... Interesting.

In this game, you're creating a hybrid creatures... Well I'm rating the Theme Interpretation 5 stars for that fact alone, that's for sure... Anyways, you're creating a seemingly random beings, and mutate them by feeding them all kinds of different types of food, which apparently give a different results of mutations. I really liked the mechanics of creating those weird creatures, the results often are weird, creepy, odd, or sometimes just outright ridiculous! 

These spawns of devil, combined with astonishing pixel art, and climatic sound effects, create a unique atmosphere, and the entirety looks very appealing. Speaking of the artwork and audio, it's so polished and well done for a game jam entry! All of the body parts/background images/foods look very well, the ambience and sound effects are very climatic, and the humor in this game is on point. The developer must have putted a lot of effort into previously mentioned stuff and other details, and it pays off!

Well, maybe besides one important thing: The Gameplay. The only thing you can do in this game is: spawn a creature, drop some food, maybe toss it around a little bit, and dump it into the wild. There just isn't much variety, and thus it get's old real fast. Which is a shame, because with those mechanics, there's so much that could've been implemented, like: fighting, or actually seeing those creatures in the wild, or different results on mutations being more visible, or having impact on the news!

It's a real shame that gameplay isn't as good as the graphics or the audio. But if the developer were to continue the development, and would improve the gameplay with having more features, this could become a hit indie game! Let's hope that this game will still be worked on, because it has a lot of potential!

For the idea, and the audiovisual effects, I rate this game 4 stars!

It's a very good idea for a game!

This combination of breakout and pinball, two very addictive games, is great! It's a pretty simple concept, but it works! It's unique, it has been executed well, and it is generally fun and entertaining to play! Playing this game, feels like playing your regular breakout game, albeit the ball is pulled by the gravity, there are obstacles similar to those in pinball games (to some degree), and the paddle is a combination of that from breakout and pinball. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, it's simple to learn and master, and it delivers a lot of satisfaction! 

Although I haven't had any problems with the gameplay itself, the graphics and audio, definitely need more work, because the combination of placeholder graphics and dead silence, isn't a good one. But I've read from the game page, that this game is still being worked on, and seeing the planned changes, I'm positive that these flaws will be solved!

Overall, I rate this game 4 stars. It's a very fun game with a pretty innovative idea, but the graphics and audio require some additional work.

It's a pretty cool, little game!

The gameplay is simple but fun, and I really like the idea for it! Trying to prevent the boar from leaving the area using four pong paddles, is a rather challenging task, but because of that, it delivers much satisfaction and fun from the game! The graphics and the audio on the other hand, are as good, or maybe even better than the gameplay! Visuals look like from a decent flash/mobile game, which are adequate for a game of that caliber, and the music sounds good. Overall, I like the audiovisual effects, I think they fit well, and just look and sound nice!

I give this game 5 starts. It's really entertaining, it looks good, and I had practically no problems with it!

P.S.: My high score was ~2700

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This game is, just ok. 

I really liked the graphics and the visuals. The colorful neons combined with those sci-fi looking pickaxes, make it look a bit cyberpunkish, which I personally think is a plus, and overall, looks nice. It actually creates a pretty cool atmosphere.

The gameplay, well, it's just your regular minesweeper, except it is in first person perspective. This might not sound very promising, but it turns out, that it's actually a good combination, and a fun one at that! I do like the addition of lives, so that if you fail and hit a mine, it's not an immediate game over. It's a shame though, that instead of having randomly generated map, you only have 10 premade levels to play. 

But the lack of randomly generated levels is not the only bummer I have to address. The audio in this game, is practically nonexistent. Swinging/Switching your pickaxes, the teleporter hum, explosions, these are practically the only sounds in this game, and it's a bit lackluster. 

Also, there is no indication of whenever you win. Seriously, in the first level, I've checked the only mine there was, and nothing happened! How am I supposed to know whenever I get rid of all mines in the area?! 

Overall, this game could be very good, but it feels a bit incomplete. Although, if the features/changes/promises on your kickstarter campaign were to be executed, the current flaws would definitely be solved, and maybe, this could turn into a very good game!

But, for now, I give this game a 3 star rating. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but it definitely needs some work.

Thank you very much! It's good to hear that this game looks and feels polished to you. As for your remark, I'm pretty sure that the update regarding the permadeath system, will solve the problem with game being too slow, though I'm not sure when I'll release it (I don't know if I can update my game in voting phase).

Either way, thanks for opinion and feedback, I'll make sure to check out your game whenever I'll have some time!

Thank you for the gameplay!

This game is pretty good, I must say. The idea of going through map, that is basically lines of code, is very unique and interesting. As a platform game, it's pretty fun! It's fast paced, going through source code is a cool experience, the addition of high scores is nice, and overall, it's a good time waster. The only problem I had with it, is the fact that once you are on the top of the screen, you basically cannot jump without hitting the ceiling and thus losing. 

I rate this game 4 stars!


Wow, thanks! I'm glad that you've enjoyed this game, and that you gave me additional feedback! I must agree, that this permadeath thing, maybe wasn't executed too well, and that starting from the very beginning is a bit tedious. Perhaps after this jam ends (because I am not sure if one can edit a game in the voting phase), I'll change that system to a different, less monotonous one. 

But anyways, thank you for your opinion!

Thank you for playing, and for your opinion on this project!

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Wow, thank you! I'm really glad that you liked the concept of this game and the fact that there is a multiplayer. I'm also glad to hear that the gameplay mechanics didn't appear to be a burden, but rather something that makes this game more interesting. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I won't be participating in this year's GDWC, because this game is unfinished, and because this game wasn't really meant to be a submission for any contest. But thank you for your invitation, and your opinion on this project :)