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thanks for the feedback 😀

You can thank vis.js for the draggable graphs,

And you can blame my mis-use of vis.js for the confusing map rotation. Lol

Healing, gear, and music are good ideas, thank you ! 

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I'm going to have a field day with this...

Falling Through Code: Linux Edition:

# include
# include
# include

impossible mode :

Falling Through [the History] of Code: 

I'm just going to leave this right here:

Found this to be relaxing to play =]

IMO you dont need to add shooting, the focus on dodging and collecting is simple and fun.  


  • Change the initial spawn bounds of the "enemy" circles so that you don't auto-lose at the beginning.  Maybe Try having things spawn closer to the edges. 
  • Randomize initial directions 

Some more ideas:

  • Changable settings: ability for player to add their own words,  adjust number of enemies, size of map, decide if order matters or not, etc. 

Overall, I liked the simplicity of the game.  It was frustrating at  first (in  a good  way) but is really fun when you  have "close-calls" and have to dodge.    :D