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Thank you. We tried our best :)

We realised about those issues in the game later but we couldn't update the game here on itch. There is a google drive link on the game page with updated version of the game. Feel free to play that if you're interested. Thanks for checking our game :)

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Well congratulation then for being selected. And as I said the game indeed looks like a professional work or atleast by very experienced people.. very clean, subtle and appealing. I look forward to see more amazing games from you. Goodluck at the GDC :)

Thank you for playing and liking our game :D

 We will definitely check out your game.

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Its a great game and quite interesting to play...reminded me of Papers Please. The music is great and the controls are smooth. It seems like a game made by professional developers. Also maybe you are sending this game to GDC 2019 so goodluck for that :)

Cool!! Keep up the great work! Also check out our game if you get the time :)

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Thank you for the suggestions. We really appreciate it. We thought about a increasing difficulty while developing just as you said but didn't implement as we wanted to check player's thought on that. It seems players would like such thing and we will definitely implement a increasing difficulty. As per the controls we will surely provide you controls on both side of the keyboard :)

Edit: We have implemented controls on both side of the keyboard now. You might wanna check it out again :D

I play chess a lot and I had a lot of fun playing this version. It made me think differently. And the AI this Stockfish  hybrid version. Great job on the AI.. simply excellent.

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Thank you for the remap function. I might try it out again. Also feel free check out and rate our game if you get the time :)

Edit: The remap function is great. The game is much more enjoyable now :D

That is really great as Todoroki is one of my favorite character <3. Also check out and rate our game if you get the time :)

I understand, we used the default controls that are used in other platformer and tetris games available across the internet. Thank you for your input we might try to create a setting to customize the controls :) 

Very nice concept. The music and art both are great. It would have been better if you have used English as I couldn't get the story. The character also reminded me of Todoroki from My Hero Acadamia. Overall its a great platformer.. loved it. 

Check out our game too if you get the time :)

A very cool idea, its very fun and enjoyable. The music is awesome and loved the GTA reference xD. The only thing I would like is any way to rotate the tetraminos, that would be great or else its a really fun game <3. You can also check out our game if you get time. We also tried something with tetris :)

Its very cool idea. The graphics are cool and the music is great. Its very nice for a hypercasual game. But the only problem you are facing seems to be having different controls for different keyboard types, otherwise its great.. :)

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Its a very nice concept and I liked the art style which represents the classic flappy bird. Clean and simple. Also I liked the twist you added with tetris. Also check out our game... we also tried something with tetris :)

It was very cool concept. The art style is great and I also liked the music. I play a lot of chess and its fun to see a new concept out of it. The only thing I will point out that the king and queen are placed wrong on the blue team. They should be swaped. Otherwise its a great game :)

Wow its a great concept. It's quite challenging yet very fun. I have played scrabble a lot so it was a fun experience. The execution was also great and I really liked the pop up with the word I made and their meaning. Awesome<3. You should also check out our game... we also tried something with tetris :)

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Thank you for playing our game. We appreciate your review. There is no increasing difficulty as we wanted to see if the players liked the game as it is or they want a more challenging game. And the 'S' key confirms the location of the piece and you have to avoid touching a falling piece. Hope that helps :)

I really liked the enemies of this game and in fact the  simple but working design. To  put more doom aesthetics you could have put some melee attacks. Thus bringing the  bold aggressive gameplay of doom. I liked your interpretation of hybrid ,mixture of 2 different games. Do check out my game too 'Platris' as even I have tried to mash up two different game.

Racing/Typing genre is something that every  typing site has tapped into. But if this game is done right (with cool sounds and design aesthetics) then it really has the potential to hit the  high road.

Do check out my game 'Platris' as even I have taken the  over saturated platformer genre and tried to bring some new life to it.

I have played this game so much that I feel like  all the text on my screen are going up.  My thoughts about the game: It was difficult. The controls were smooth but levels were rough like the programs.*ba dum tss*.

But the game did capture my competitiveness  and made me spend like 20 mins trying to beat my own score.  Even I tried to capture the same feeling in my game, I would love if you try it out and give me a feedback about it.

Spending  half an hour on this game just to hear 'BOO you didn't improve your score', I have come to a verdict. It's hard to deny that the  idea of this is simple. But the way  it's made effective made me  spend my thirty minutes on this game. Even I wanted to capture that design on my game, so please check it out  and  give me a feedback about it.

A simple and neat prototype.  My only complaint  is that  it lacks innovation as a lot of  other games have taken up this concept. But If you work on  some new design that  implements and supports this gameplay   , showing us something new on the table. Then this game definitely has a chance :)  .

First of all, I  wasn't expecting so much change in the gameplay by the addition of an extra thruster. It really brings a new curve in the difficulty and opening a lot of gates for the 'WoW' moment.  With some really good aesthetic  design I think this game will hit the market.  In terms of aesthetic design you should check out my game  'Platris'.  As we have done a small amount of work (like the camera shakes) but bringing in a strong emotion of satisfaction.

A really cool concept.  I did like the way  the wave grows as the card is drawn.  It does bring balance and freedom to the player. But  it does break the flow or rather the continuity of the game.  I would love to see if you can implement both the ideas(balance and flow) in your game in some other way. Regarding your take on this Hybrid theme, I really loved the mashup of 2 different game genres. I would love if you would check out my game  as I have tried to  bring together 2 different games.  And give me some suggestions.

I really  liked the simple and easy to understand design of this game. I had a bit problem to understand the sword swing as the  button control's on left hand were already a lot. It took a bit of time to get the hold of the controls. Apart from that I really loved the simple minded design of yours. Regarding the controls do check out my game too cause it too has a  bit confusing controls.

The art is so fascinating, I love the gritty nature used here and the calm music just steals the show <3 Overall a really good game <3

Artstyle was lit af, but if the control mapping can be reconfigurable then that would be really good and it would improve the gameplay as well <3

Haha  thats some weirdly nice combination, loved it. The background was a bit flashy so I was unable to focus on the enemies,  but overall it was a nice concept. You should also check out our game, we also tried something with tetris :D

Sure we will definitely check out your game as well!!

Thank you for liking our game. We really worked hard to make the game more appealing and readable to our players. We are happy you liked it :D

Thank you playing and liking our game!! You can always suggest us any improvements on our game :D

Yeah, we had like about 10-15 total levels designed which were quite interesting, but we couldn't make them all due to the lack of time. We are happy you played and liked our game. We will definitely try to do our best.

Developer's  Note:-

We are extremely sorry for the bug that made the game unplayable. 

We have uploaded our google drive link which has the playable version of this game.

Problem:-The winning screen was accidently active.(Current status: Solved. We just unchecked the 'Winning' Screen.) 

Downloadable Link:-

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Thank you for your feedback... we know about the game breaking bug which is caused due to the random generation algorithm. We are working on a better algorithm that might solve the problem. We are happy to know that you like our game and the concept.. :)

We definitely understand you. We will try our best to improve the game.. :)

Thank you for liking our game..we know about the problem where sometimes the obstacles completely block the player, which is caused because of some flaws in the random generation algorithm. We are working on a better algorithm so the bug doesn't occur anymore. A tutorial level we thought of adding but didn't got the time as the game jam was close to ending but we will add it in future.

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Thank you for your appreciation...we  will definite look onto  creating some particle effects and animations.. :)

Then probably some problem with my WinRAR...anyway goodluck with the jam mate.. :)

Rar file is  corrupted it seems...