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Cool. Awesome. Some Optional Features I would like to request would be,

  • Double Jump
  • Jump And Slide (JetPack like)
  • Take and Drop things (Too far ;))
Demo Looks cool by the way. Anxiously waiting ....

Nicely Done. Cool swinging mechanics. I think it will me more interesting if player could somehow know or choose where the swing point will be. Really well executed.

Can i ask in what engine did you do this game ?

Hi guys & girls,

I'm Faisal Rasak. Solo (night time) indie dev at Monster Brain Games. Used the Awesome LibGDX for my first android Game Spell-it and some other games. Joining previous LD jam also encouraged me to took part in this as well.

Bit afraid to risk using for the first time, Overlap 2D and if possible GDX-AI too. Keeping Devlog is Tiring but quite useful for other devs I guess. I'll try to keep my Devlog interesting and useful.

Will also be using free game art from OpenGameArt, sounds from it, music from kevinmcleod probably.

I'm learning about Life in Space. There are indeed useful sites (for kids) explaining Life in space by NASA and Japanese Space agencies etc. Hope it might help me get some interesting ideas for Game.

It motivates me to read through (not completed reading yet, because its so much) other dev's curiosity and readiness for this jam. Hoping to create and complete a beautiful playable and enjoyable game to the first ever libGDX Jam.

And hopes to play Awesome games from other devs as well. Looking forward to your awesome ideas, which inspires me and other devs as well.