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Today we started coding.

Beginning with the map we started experimenting with procedural generation and chunk loading.
We now have a working, infinite(the float precision limits it thou), seeded map as you can see in the post before. It lacks a good looking tileset at the moment, but that was some pretty good progress for the first day!

Next ist making the map pretty and starting on collision and entities(with Ashley I think).

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About Us

We take part as a team of two. We haven't decided on what libs and frameworks to use apart from libGDX of course and IntelliJ.

Hi all,

I am Chris(elektropapst), a computer science student from Germany. My main focus lies on computer vision

and signal / image processing in medicine. I've played around with libGDX a litte and

decided to try my first game jam / contest.

Good luck and have fun.

Twitter: @_elektropapst


Hey everyone,

my name is Flo, i study CS in Germany too and work together with Chris.

Mainly I develop web applications & Android apps. At work with focus on eHealth. In the last few months I started working with libgdx.

I never attented a game jam before, but I think this is gonna be fun.

Good luck and I hope to see some cool games.

Twitter: @MeisterFuu

<-- Flo