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Score Wars Game Jam community · Created a new topic Gamejam

can we get information pertaining to the rules / theme / possible prizes for the gamejam part of this?

Definitely! Thanks for the suggestion, and yeah, definitely Rock Paper Scissors! <3

Yeah, it was made pretty quickly for a jam

So, there are 3 types of attack cards and 3 types of defense cards -

Attack there is (S)trike, S(L)ash and (T)hrust

Defense there is (B)lock, (P)arry and (D)odge

The numbers are the card "power" (so if you play a strike vs. a dodge, and your card has a power of 10, and their card has a power of 2, a damage multiplier of the difference (8) will be applied to the attack).

Different attacks are better vs. different defenses. For example, a thrust will be completely blocked by a parry, will do 1x damage vs block and 2x damage against dodge.

It's a bit hard to teach without a long tutorial, but if I release it as a full game, I'll have to figure out a better way to teach the game instead of just dropping players in.

Thanks for playing!

Time mostly - my game would've done well with a Gamepad implementation (twin stick shooter basically)

Great entry guys, loved the chippy music!

Awesome entry - great work!

I'd be fine releasing source code, I wouldn't require any license for the code though.

I'd love to see how some people do specific tricks, without the requirement for them to allow others to use their code (i.e. requiring GPL / MIT or some other license).

I'd recommend "Fun" as a category / criteria

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

oh wow, I didn't even realize I still had that set when I uploaded it. I commented out the window offsets (had X set to 1920 to skip over my left monitor and show on the center). New build is up!

Also, thanks! You have to be able to shoot and move to get away from those blobs!

@davebaol - Strange, I used the gradlew to create the distributable.

A few people on stream tested it as well. Hopefully that's a one-off :(

@davebaol - Do you have java installed?

So, after a night of brainstorming, I've come up with: Space Miner.

But with the idea I have in mind, it won't be an average space mining game :) Stay tuned...

Good luck Mario!

Not 100% sure what I'm making yet, but whatever it is, I'll document it here.

I'm in!

I'm Nehpe. This'll be my first gamejam, and hopefully my first finished game.

I'm planning to go 2D, and I'll try to livestream as much of it as possible here:

I plan to use:

  • Eclipse
  • GIMP
  • Tiled
  • Bxfr
  • Linux! :)

Good luck all!