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This is great, I love the style and variety of the flowers!

@Wolod: Thanks for the interest in my game, but don't expect too much ;-) Sorry regarding your problems. My first guess is, that your machine is missing the .net runtime(minimum version 4.5 is needed). Stupid of me not to think about this before releasing (my first monogame release). Maybe I will have a look into including an .net installer later.

@Roh & supersysscvi: Thanks for checking out the game and your kind words. Means much to me.

Wow, the game is really impressive for a jam. It feels polished, it looks great and seems to have a lot of content. Awesome work!

Graphics and sound stand out, but the game seems to have pretty obvious subpixel movement and therefore the gameplay misses the point of the jam. Beside that it seems like a good game.

For the short demo it is, i like Duck Quest. The graphics stand out the most. Nice work!

Hmm, i can not start windows lowrezjam version. Nothing happens.

I like the style of the game. Even without a goal to work towards, i like the core concept for a trading sim. Good work!

I like the framing for the main mechanic. Everything looks very good executed. Like it!

But im really bad at this game :D

I really like the game. It looks nice and plays polished. I'm impressed by the level design and gameplay ideas.

I really like the idea and can 100% idetify with the need to listen to music instead of talking to people. Sounds like my life ;-)

I love the art style and the game feels really good.

Impressive game. I like the look, having a 3D world represented in 2d is always interesting. the combat is also good. The only problem for me was that sometimes i couldn't really understand why my attacks are blocked, if it was my timing or its simply the enemy blocking without any chance for me.

My "challenge" was to finish something with MonoGame for the first time. My prior experience was mostly Unity. I really enjoyed the different way of making this game. I prefer working in code and not in an editor like Unity.

The real chalenge was the second week of the jam where i was exhausted because I worked so much in the first week. So progress slowed down and I did not revist some of the bigger problems of my game (in my rogue like, the world is not really interessting, i should have spawned more interessting things, better enemy placement, etc.). But in the end im happy

Two days ago I finished my game. I felt pretty tired and didnt have any motivation left. But i think that the game I made is okay and was a good learning experience. Now i'm looking forward to play all the other entries to the jam.

This is the games intro:


Thanks for the advice, I already put it on the list :-)

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So my project finally has some gameplay. Movement, melee combat and ranged combat are working. Some things are still wonky and especially the UI has to be improved. The most important next steps will be an interesting AI, different enemies and spawning interesting stuff on the map. At least I got an idea for framing whats happing and whats the goal. Here is a gif of the ranged combat (the animations play, but the game/ai turn does not wait for it to finish...and the enemy is a placeholder):


Well i still don't have any gameplay, because the random generation took me a lot of time. This example is actually planed to be a dungeon/cave, but i took the grass/forest sprites I already had. I could use the same algorithm for a forest overworld by changing some parameters a little.

Here is a zoomed out, higher resolution (for debugging) version of another generated map:

Next is some gameplay. I will implement enemies and the fights first. I also have to spawn some interessting stuff on the map, but that should not be too much work.

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My first idea was not working. So i started working on turn based game, will probably be some kind of rogue like (after missing the last 7DRL). Right now I can movement nicely and the basics for the map generation is working. The data structure in the background was a lot of work.

First I tried a platformer but with the restrictions I couldn't find good movement. Either it was too fast or it was stuttering.

Hi everyone, i'm Meursault and i'm using this jam as an excuse to learn Libgdx. I have about one year experience with game development as a hobby but i only used Unity. So this jam will be my motivation to try out new things with libgdx. So there is nothing fancy to expect but im looking forward to the experience.

Good luck to everyone!