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Martin Rohwedder

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Hi, great work.

Is it possible that you can include special characters like the danish 'æ Æ', 'ø Ø' and 'å Å'.

Very nice game.. I really liked it :)

Sure I will

And Thank you! :)

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Happy times with the awesome hobby of game dev friend :)

cool little game. I like the graphics and the SFX, but I used like 2 minutes on it and then it got a little boring :) So for a demonstration or a presentation it is good, but it needs more features for having an actual enjoyable gameplay :)

There... The game has been updated, so battle sequence is now a little faster. There is also a new feature, which saves the current round a player was beaten in story mode, so you don't have to start all over again.

Ty, it is my first real game, so I am pretty proud of it :)

Do you mean when youre doing a battle?? Yes I can try make it a little faster :)

Thank you for playing it :) Means a lot!

I really like this game.. The healing mechanic, with the different spells was fun and challenging... Several times I missed a shield on my knight, which leads to a game over :D

Graphics was also fine, but I think a little more work could have been done to the main menu part, but else a very good game!! :)

Very nice game to play... I really did enjoy it.. It was tense, and chellinging, and I was really fascinated of how tense it relly could be with only cubes in the game (I quess the music had a major part here).

I also liked the 'tutorial' in the beginning. It helped me a lot to jsut begin the game!

It is actually a funny game... I really like the upgrade system build into the game!

The graphics aren't overwhelming, hence there is very little besides the dog, enemies, beaches and the digging piles. It could have been a little better, if there was a little more visual to look at. Also the text was a little buggy on my screen. I like the animations though :)

I also found the game a little challenging when the the dog new powers, since you never knew which powers he would get!!!

cool :)

I thought I read somewhere, that the jam theme, might be put up for a vote on twitter? But I don't seem to find it? Will there be a vote, and where can I vote then :)

Need a team member?

You can write in here, if you need a team or a team member, for the #SummerPixelJam 2016.

For those graphics I prefer colored, but you could also try using a greenish gameboy palette, for your game.

Hi there... I have some screenshots of my game in its current state here, if you would try make some background music for that.. I am not an expert here, but I quess I could come with some outlines.

The game is a business type of game, and I think the music should be casual and loopable. Nothing to fancy, just chilling background style, if that makes sence.

Hope you are up for the task :)

Cool I might need some music for my game, when the Jam has begun :)

Sketch Day

Today I have been making some rough sketches of my game. This is to get a grab of the look and feel of the game, and the simple game mechanics to be developed.

Devlog - Day 1

I am excited to try out this jam, for two reasons.

  1. First of all I am a newbie in working with LibGDX, so I am trying this to learn a lot more of how the framework works. I have already created a few small 2D games in Unity, however I am fascinated by the Java language, and was so excited when I first heard of LibGDX.
  2. Second of all is that I am doing this, so I can try to make some more games, and become a better game developer.

My game Idea

My game idea is nothing special. Its an infinite side runner game in 2d. You have to control your spaceship, and avoid the meteors and get as far as you can. Along the way, you can grab power-ups, to help you reduce speed, get a defensive shield around the spaceship for some time and so on.

Follow my game development

You can follow the development of this game, mostly on this blog. My twitter account (@MarRohwedder) and on my github (

Hello there

My name is Martin, and I am a noob indie developer from Denmark. I am a newcomer in this, so I am just excited to try it out. I have mostly worked in Unity before, but I fell in love with the LibGDX library, so thats what I am trying to play with now.

Good luck to all others