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Sure, go ahead, thanks!

@mmachida Leave my planet alone, you alien! Joking aside, thanks! yours is a great game too, although a little scary (yes, I couldn't beat any Resident Evil until 5 and 6, which aren't scary anymore).

@GaytApps Thanks! I wanted to add some game mechanics from our original idea, like mental states and that would impact your regeneration, attack, etc. But time is our worst enemy.

@Darren You have to beat 4 bosses, so the game ends. I will make an update today with the setting for the camera. Thanks for playing!

Mmm good point, well that is designed like that so you can look the world without having to go with the ship to a certain point. You can move the camera, holding the mouse button, but yeah that can be cumbersome. I will add a shortcut, the space bar should be enough. Thanks!

Yeah, the game is designed to be relaxing on your journey, tense on boss fights :D Thanks for playing!

Final day uh? Here I will document the phases to create the game, as I didn't have much time to do so during development :P


Our group is called UnlimitedGGames :D because GGs is what it matters. Our members are: Jose (me), Max and Liseth.

We are from a little country called El Salvador. I discovered LibGDX a couple of years ago, when I started with my hobby of programming videogames. After that, I have been searching for people with the same inspiration, and so here we are.

First jam ever so we are a little nervous, but I'm sure it will be a blast. We'll be using many tools, the ones from LibGDX (TexturePacker, Box2d, ashley, Box2dLights, Gdx-ai) and some developed in-house (like our editor for Scene2d UI, called X2dGUI, not yet released). Inkscape for art, sounds from freeSFX and music from

My favorite color is Black (can't say for Max and Liseth hehe), but I hope the Black and White theme doesn't win :P

Have fun everyone!