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Really cool! 3d would have been enhanced by tweening between the turn states of the ship 'cos I thought it was a 2d sprite until saw the lighting changed!

haha an excellent take on defender! love it! graphics and sound are perfect.

take a look at the rope joint, worked best for me

like a 2d KSP! nice!

Nice intro! the controls were a bit quirky, maybe 'w' and 's' to thrust and reverse would have been more instinctive. Once tethered to an object the controls behaved really odd, otherwise good effort!

Fun and cute! I'm not sure about your guys orbital physics though!

Simple but fun, could use some health drops or somin', i keep dying!

really nice lighting and cool tune, the combination of chargers and mad florps made for a nice variation on the runaway-em-up

hah! so there is! sorry i'll play some more!

It's a cool idea but the guys rotation keeps slowing down so I'm left drifting until I hit a wall and can boost in a different direction, by which time I've lost track of where I need to go, maybe allow him to redirect the air nozzle to affect the rotation?

I like it! pretty addictive, if it had lives and let me carry on from where I died I'd probably be playing it for a few hours!

the controls were a little confusing; how you pick a level up, and intro = enter? :)

Could be part of a cool game, keep at it!

'art style'? nice debug rendering! :)

I like it! clearly inspired by FTL but without the micromanagement, took me a while to figure the shield thing wasn't a handy shield for combat but a resource collector, could have used some instructions!

some different interactions other than shoot until either party dies might make for a more varied game, but it's a good start!

yeah really not enough info, perhaps add tooltips to explain what each of the rooms are, and display the current totals of each resource.

keep at it!

2116480! I rock!

this clearly isn't finished but it looks and sounds cool!

Easily the most complete, polished game I've seen so far! menus, help screen, controller support, awesome!

plays really nicely too! my one complaint the clones move crazy quick making delicate positioning with a gamepad tricky, was better with keys

Switch puzzles with limited fuel? you are a sick twisted individual! cool game!

kinda minimalist but what's there is cool!

ah yeah that's much more fun! yer completely buggered once your astronaut dies!

Great animation on the little guy, is there any sound? the button doesn't seem to do anything....

Ok I can't do that because print screen removes the hardware cursor!

it's basically 8 red pixel dots arranged in a ~20 pixel diameter circle, fine when stationery but against a moving background, and moving itself it's invisible :)

I'll send you a screen shot on the twitters

cool missile command-like game, the astronaut mechanic was ruined a bit because the mouse cursor was nearly invisible, so was impossible to keep track of where it was, needed way more than 8 pixels! :)

Bitchin' sound track, awesome lighting, loved the booster particle effects and newtonian physics!

combat could have been more engaging maybe if the targets went slower and shot back and the camera felt well dodgy at speeds!

excellent tune! too bad you didn't get more game done :(

Think the combat needed to be a bit more nuanced, e.g. blocks or kicks or something, running out of time sucks, keep at it man!

Everything about this game makes me want to play it; looks good, sounds good, combat's fun... everything except that button in the bottom right, why oh why doesn't the camera follow my guy?!? playing with a mouse and having to click there every 2 seconds kills any chance of enjoyment, even a key shortcut to re-center would help!

Has potential but a bit too random - first game I wondered 5 mins and found nothing, I restarted and eventually found a load of slimes, killed hundreds, adults and juveniles, the slaughter was horrific! ...then I found a new type of slime who killed me in one shot... oops.

some of the barrier tiles were a bit hard to distinguish from the background.

Excellent game! great graphics, great lighting, the controls work well (despite not using cursor keys ...grr) only prob i had was some of the level design; I think I subverted the puzzles and wound up at the door having skipped large areas!

what song was that? i'm sure i've heard it before..

Awsome! i played it for almost an hour until my wheel touched a puddle of green and I had to restart the maze level... I raged...

great looking game, you feel the people have lives and jobs that they get on with (really you're going for a jog and a burrito in an emergency?!??! :) but as was mentioned, there's a lack of information and the guy moves really slow so I never found navigation...

could use some instructions, what does the yellow guy do?

I keep getting to screen 4 or 5 and getting killed in 1 turn from full health by a tripple blob or those spheres of death, but getting back there takes too long with all the un-skippable dialogue! would have been nice to resume from last screen maybe. It sounds great and the pixel graphics and shader look cool, just disappointed I can't see more of it!

Cool black hole! is there anything to do after that?

simple premise done really well!! effective sound and puzzle solving funtimes

Everything's a bit small and fiddly, the bars I'm supposed to be timing are waaay to small, and when I hit a key a totally different planet to the one I'm looking at explodes...

great tune though!

Very very impressive! us space couriers gotta stick together!

Excellent use of light and sound! well done!

Definitely has that one more go factor! excellent!