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Made a git https://github.com/that1guy232/libGDX-Jam

Might have someone helping me with really bad textures!

and changing the way resources work!

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Will i think i got my okish looking ui done?


just need to finish implementing the resources then i'm not to sure where to go from there

Haha I wish i was that good thats a picture of The I.S.S I cant make 2d art no way i can come close to 3d

My game is so bad compared to what you have so far.... I guess i have alot more learning todo!

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Update! can build the station and render it all and everything works WOO!

problem tho I have a basis of a recourse system but dont know exactly how i want to do it.

solar panels create 5 energy and 2 heat

radiators consome 2 heat

remote laborators create 1 scnience consome 1 energy

laborators create 3 scnience and consome 1 person consome 2 energy

living quarters create 2 people consome 5 food consome 1 energy consome 2 oxygen consome 2 water

green house create 5 food consome 2 energy

oxygen recycler reate 5 oxygen consome 2 energy c

water recycler consome create 5 water consome 2 energy








launches comsume scnience?

I like suggestion you can look at my awfull textures here:

and any suggestion for anything would be great or tips!

Ya i was thinking that but it's kind of difucult finding exatly what your looking for.

Posted in Izumi's Dev Log

I was playing this Rpgish space game on steam called Endless sky it was top down you might want to check it out for some inspiration. I cant wait to see your game!

Hmm I might do a tower defense if i'm not able to do my space staion managment thing.

From what i read of others people post a few people are doing 2D platformer shooter's I was going to make one too but then i cant really think of way to make it work really well with space life. I cant wait to see all the awsome games!

Second idea is a tower defense Your a owner of a space station and everyday life it gets attacked but somthing changed and now the pirates are really building up force to take you down.

Created a new topic that1guy232's Devlog
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I'm thinking of doing a space station management thing.
I came up with thus so far.

space station management.
 -solar panels




 -docking adapters

 -green house

 -oxygen recyclers

 -water recyclers

 -remote control/remote scnience module 

 use differnt laborators to create scnience to gain grants(missions?) that gain you money to improve station
game ends when staion becomes unrepairable or people start dying on the station
 station around differnt planets at once?

My one problem with working on any game tho is art assets.... I can not make a good looking texture for the life of me. anyhelp or suggestion would be great thanks.

I'm going to give it a try I never really "finished" a game and I think this will give me the motivation. It might help with my 2016 goal of making at least a dollar from a game.

I cant wait to see what you make and thanks for writing the cookbook! Was wondering if i could buy the physical copy from somewere other then pakitpub they dont ship to p.o boxes ;(