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Jberg03's Dev Blog

A topic by jberg03 created Dec 19, 2015 Views: 361,186 Replies: 3
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Well, I'm not at all sure where I'm going to go with this theme yet. Maybe a tower defence game, I haven't done on of those yet. Anyway, I'm tired so sleep is definitely in order before I decide on anything. Can't wait to get started tomorrow.

Hmm I might do a tower defense if i'm not able to do my space staion managment thing.


I have decided for sure on a tower defence game. Though, I can't be for sure how it's going to turn out as I have been able to put about 30 minutes into the game for the entire game jam so far. Hopefully I will get a little more time later on. Any ways, here's what I'm thinking so far:


You are a band of "Space Pirates" protecting your "space booty" from the self-righteous Martian ABC Enterprise.

WEAPONS - Pirates

  • Space Rifle
  • Cannon
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Laser Cannon

WEAPONS - Martians

  • Laser Guns
  • Space Bombs
  • Grenade Launchers
  • Plasma Ray


  • Space Pirate Hideout


  • Repel the Martian attackers
  • Loot the Martians for more "Booty" to strengthen your stronghold

Github Repo: https://github.com/jberg03/Space-Booty

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Here is the screen shot of the playing level so far. No characters or weapons or even any of the GUI except for the area being boxed off. It's a lot better than nothing I guess though.


The tile set I used for the Space Pirate Hideout was made by:

Jesse McCarthy: http://opengameart.org/content/space-station-tileset

All the other graphics so far were made by me which is why they aren't so pretty but they get the job done.

My next steps through this week are to get the character sprites animations looking good and the AI working as well. I am going to make it so that the player makes their character's attack by clicking on them so there is no need for complex controls or anything like that.