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Update! can build the station and render it all and everything works WOO!

problem tho I have a basis of a recourse system but dont know exactly how i want to do it.

solar panels create 5 energy and 2 heat

radiators consome 2 heat

remote laborators create 1 scnience consome 1 energy

laborators create 3 scnience and consome 1 person consome 2 energy

living quarters create 2 people consome 5 food consome 1 energy consome 2 oxygen consome 2 water

green house create 5 food consome 2 energy

oxygen recycler reate 5 oxygen consome 2 energy c

water recycler consome create 5 water consome 2 energy








launches comsume scnience?

I like suggestion you can look at my awfull textures here:

and any suggestion for anything would be great or tips!

i saw the entry with the picture and i was freaking out, i thought you had finished a full blown 3d game, lol

Haha I wish i was that good thats a picture of The I.S.S I cant make 2d art no way i can come close to 3d