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Start your space adventure here >


Space Grunts is a turn-based, top-down, rogue like where all your battles and interactions are handled using your deck of cards.

Every game you play is uniquely generated from building blocks. No two levels are the same, no two game sessions are the same. As you progress through the levels you get to collect items for your inventory : weapons, shields, and dozens of other type items. Each item in your inventory is a card in your deck. Don't want certain cards? don't pick them up! That's how you build your deck in this game: as you go. When you encounter aliens, you will engage with them in a card-battle: Either you or the alien will choose the first card, depending on who attacks who. And then the other picks his card. Defeat the alien, and move on to the next! Card battles are swift, and to the point. The game will randomly generate eventsalternate routes and decide what effects plant-spores have on you or the aliens. Like I said: no two games will be the same!


  • Endless variation - Every game plays like a unique mission for your away-team - the layout is different every time. From the level layouts, to special events, and alternate paths. Every game will be unique.
  • Unique card/inventory system - Your inventory is your deck of cards, every weapon, shield, or item you pick up is a card you use in battles and sits in your inventory (your deck).
  • Unlockable extras - Complete challenges to unlock special Trinkets to help you in your games. Complete multiply missions to permanently unlock Buff cards, and increase your experience level to unlock special passive cards.

Yep, solo dev :)  all except the music!

nope, these levels are designed and always the same :)

Haven't given it much thought actually. Not really sure if I want to go through the whole steam-audience tearing through some of these games :/  It's a toxic community sometimes !

no the game wasn't live on Steam yet ;)

should be popping up in the next 30 minutes tho

here's a great play through and first-impression of the game by Mr Falcon:

About the game

Ashworld is an open world action adventure set in a post apocalyptic world a few hundred years from now. Can you survive in the rough world, with it's limited resources and supplies, hostile enemies, night-creatures and mutated animals?

Scavenge the world for food, weapons, useable items, and various scraps to use in trading or crafting.

Grab your copy here

I uploaded an improved version of the source code to my Bitbucket, since I like bitbucket more than github :)

So you can find latest source here:

Due to a lot of work on my other game projects the coming weeks, I had to just cut this jam short - basically the first weekend only ;)

I might extend this into an actual game in a few months time, but for now this is it, source available here:

I'll do a bigger writeup later on my blog (

Wrote a more extended blog here:

and you can download the current build here:

Managed to find a bunch of hours this weekend to work on the project, game is playable just lacks a lot of content at the moment.

The mission-select needs some big changes, as it's not working right now, and I still hope to add some shops to upgrade your weapon and gear. Will see if I can find some more time in between the day to day stuff !

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Started today on my game "Planet Busters".


You own a private spaceship and you do "jobs" for companies.
These jobs involve flying to planets, killing some creatures, retrieving an item, and then moving onto the next job / planet.

Kills and completed missions give you money, you can use that to upgrade your ship and weapons, so that you can fly to more planets and take one tougher jobs. That's "Life in space"!

Here's an animated GIF showing the work I did today:

Plan is to wrap up the arcade part of the game first, then add the interface for planet-selection stuff

okay, okay, I'm in!

I'm Pascal from Orangepixel, one-man dev, so will do this solo