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Cool game!

Nice idea and awesome job! :)

There are only 9 days left for the #libgdxJam curtain to come down, and we still focus on the game agents importation as well as their mechanics.

The dummy camera has been replaced for an awesome eye guard.

We also advanced on the game progression logic, the main character movement system and a generic event-triggering system (put in practice with the victory/defeat conditions).

Eye guard looks as follows:

Our next move will be adding another enemy and creating a simple but functional level. Keep tuned!

Congrats to all those amazing #libgdxJam prototypes out there.

Time is running out, our working rhythm is still slow. We keep focusing on making the level design process as easy as possible. This is why once we finished our custom overlap2d runtime, we started to implement the game mechanics.

Lights will be a key feature and we got it working according to a specific behaviour given by overlap2d parameters. For instance:

Apart from this, we polish some of the existant features, we created a first main character sketch, we implemented the spine animations support and, finally, we invited a material system to the party.

The upcoming days promise high activity!! Stay tuned ;)

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We are still moving slowly, because of the Christmas holidays, but constant. We have plenty of work to do and a good idea to defend but time is a strong handicap so...

Here Comes A New Challenger!

César, a coder colleague of mine is joining us as an artist so we can focus, even more, on the code side.

Up to this time, we have worked on our own Overlap2D runtime which translates the scene into our base ECS that runs the game. It currently supports composites, images, particles and physics.

We have also started to code the basis of the state machine part to encapsulate the actors' behaviour.

Finally, we added a runtime texture packer to make easier the testing process and set a game screens structure for a better game organization.

You can follow our progress through the issue tracker on GitHub

New updates will come soon! :)

Good to see new blood around!! :)

Hi guys,

I'm Alberto, a proffesional mobile game developer, co-author of the Libgdx Cookbook and an enthusiast of the libGDX project.

Looking forward to learn, team up with David again and participate on my first jam ever.

Good luck to everyone!