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Wisch there isn't more content, and I noticed that bug as well when getting the android APK out. I decided not to fix it as there isn't anything after it.

Loved the day/night cycle. I wish you had locked the arrow keys to allow moving with them as wasd plus e every step gets a little tough on the hand.

Aiming was hard when trying to run away, but still fun.

Screenshots and video to come tomorrow (need sleep)

I'll add a splash screen with them thanks for the feedback. I didn't have time to add in any objective, though it was planned out.

Which OS as that will make a difference.

Nice tip, if I have time I will do that.

Working dialogs!!!

I believe that breaking bugs (e.g the game won't start because I forgot to upload an art asset too) are acceptable fixes post jam. Adding new enemies/levels/etc would break the spirit of limited time.

You could release extra levels or such as add-on content that could be enjoyed post jam review.

Newest work moving between world and buildings:

Newest work moving between world and buildings:

Ah ha that would explain it.

I'm getting blank images but no error codes...

Thought I would make a full post about my game. I am demaking Pokemon using reduced scale graphics (that I am making not just scaling).

So far route 1 and pallet town are done as well as moving around the world and entering buildings. Next is dialogs and then battle!!

Route 1:

Pallet Town:

I don't have any monsters yet. Currently world building. The engine allows entering buildings and moving around the map.

You can reach me via Skype if you'd like adam4813

The links appear to be dead?

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Pokemon demake 64mon

floor(Position.x) or ceil(Position.x) and for y for getting the correct pixel position.

make sure your texture is a power of 2 in size e.g 512x512 not 512x300. The non-power-of-2 will cause some drivers to scale the texture and make pixels appear to "bleed" as well.

Thanks for that robonutria I'll be using libgdx as well myself.

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I'm thinking the actual screen pixels are irrelevant as long it is is a screen with a 64x64 grid of blocks where each block is 1 color.

Power generation concept

Water purification concept

Hull Image

Living area concept image hull section inspiration.


Adam here. I didn't think I would be entering this given the theme, but I decided on a game idea within 5 minutes so I decided to give it a go. I am making making ports for desktop, android, and html (I don't have any ios devices sorry).

My idea is spore but with planets and not cells and I will most likely be doing this myself.

Added to github and started tweeting.

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I am working on a space station building sim similar in play to SimTower where you place hull sections and add modules (living quarters, science lab, energy generation) to those sections.
Modules Include:
--Name (Population, Energy, Water, Air)--

  • Living Quarters ( +4 P, -2 E, -1 W, - 1 A)

Each module consumes various amount of resources and you need to manage you creation and usage of each.
Resources include:

  • People
  • Water
  • Energy

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