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Can we update our games later post-jam?

A topic by Gawain (DarkGriffin) created Apr 13, 2016 Views: 698 Replies: 7
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Short version: Can we update the jam game entry after the jam submission deadline, or are we expected to make a new "game entry" on for any updates?


I confess, I scoped way too big for what I can get done. (I do this a lot. :p ) I have a single level out of 6 (yikes) and will probably spend the last part of the jam crushing bugs instead of making more content. I am probably submitting a version with just the 1 level and a "sorry I ran out of time" screen at the end for the jam deadline at this rate.

Having said that, I see no reason to stop making my game. It's turned into something of a passion project, and I'd love to finish the plans, if nothing else, so that players can finish the small plot and little world I made for it. I would release the levels as an "update", or "upgrade" to the game.

Are the jam entries going to be free to update after the jam?

I kind of figure they can be updated since I don't think this is for any prizes. But it's not specified anywhere in the rules page if the games are expected to "lock up" their versions at the end of the jam for any sort of judging deadlines.

I can see why this might cause issues, since post-jam the page will probably still link out to the games and it would seem "unfair" to people using the deadline strictly for someone to update. Or someone could make a "hi res" version of a game entry and ruin the whole 64x64 screen conditions for the collected entries after the jam.

But I think it's ok, right?


i have no idea, but i'm assuming of course you can XD

i made my game with he idea of making a level that is an entire game on its own, but can also be expandable, something i plan todo after the jam is over ^^

but i think that if is something you are worried you can just put a file for download named "#lowrezjam version" and another one is for the updated version


I believe that breaking bugs (e.g the game won't start because I forgot to upload an art asset too) are acceptable fixes post jam. Adding new enemies/levels/etc would break the spirit of limited time.

You could release extra levels or such as add-on content that could be enjoyed post jam review.


Ok. In the spirit of the jam then, I'll probably need to either:

1 - Wait out the jam review period before updating with the rest of the levels.


2 - Upload a second "full game" version, and just update the description of the first one with something along the lines of "this is the jam entry version, if you want to play the full game go view this page instead".

I'm nowhere near a release date for the other levels (I really don't want to rush them). So this might all be a moot point for me if the jam review period passes before my levels are ready. But hopefully this thread helps some others out too. :)


You can keep both version in one page instead of going making new page. Example like "My Game(Jam version).zip" and "My Game(Post Mortem version).zip".

I remember people did similar like that too in Ludum Dare and it is fine :).


In terms of bugs, I'd say yeah.


This was a planned project that happened to coincide with the jam for me.

Unfortunately I didn't get as much added as I hoped, followed the white rabbit kind of thing, but I will be updating it at some point.

What I might do is have the jam html version, and then have a downloadable finished one.


You can update you games post jam, I recommend keeping around the existing files and labeling them during the voting period of the jam so people can still access those files. (Jams on can be configured to lock files, but this one doesn't)