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I really enjoyed this little game. My timing is terrible and I struggled to make more than 15 pounds during the rounds, constantly getting caught and having to hide. Really enjoyed the art style, and I love the silly police arm movement.

Hmm, I cannot get the game to work. Whenever I go it to I see a screen with a book, and the page says "Thank you for playing" and say I played for 10 minutes.

Thanks Ikizami. I am also quite interested in Japanese mythology and history. I was not sure how the reaction would be to this game, as to be honest it is not much of a game, but I am glad someone liked something about it.

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No need to appologise, I think it is good for native English speakers to find things that are not available in English occasionally. We need to be reminded not everything has to cater to us. Anyway, I think I understood the basics of what was going on in the cutscene based on words I did understand.

Really charming game. I absolutely love the art style, and the character designs are really cute.

The way it works right now is that only required documents related to the assignment count. As long as the required ones are found and photos are taken, you will get a positive response. I do want to have some mechanics that penalize you for taking poor quality photos, but have not implemented them yet.

It is definitely not a long game, and probably never will be, but I wanted to make sure I got something online. As for suggestions, comments, sure, anything is fine.

I am about to put a first version online. Not a lot there right now, and I am not sure if it will go much beyond this initial idea by the end of the month. But we will see.

I have no problem with that. Their are not really any rules. If someone just submitted someone else's game, sure, I would probably remove it, but if you are using an asset to make something happen, give NPC some logic, but are building other aspects of the game, that is fine.

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I was really hoping to get a first version of my game up this week, but work has gotten in the way. I am pretty much there though, just have some asset creation, and some text to come up with. So hopefully I can get it done this weekend.

Did not quite get it done this weekend, as I finished after midnight, but I've posted my game at Probably will go through some modifications in the coming week. Would love to know if the Linux/Mac builds work as well.

Just a little update.

I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be at this point, but the game is starting to come together and look a bit more like an actual game. Here is a gif showing some of the progress, letting you take photos of documents.


Thanks for the praise. I am not sure how it will turn out though. Trying to fix a bit of a structural problem with my code at the moment, sadly, so not much progress today. I am working on a ugly kludge at the moment. Anyway, it is really awesome to hear a bit about your idea. Nice to know others, aside from me, are seriously considering making something. Cute dogs are always a good thing, my girlfriend will love it.

I hope you can find an artist. Or decide to use your own. My art ability is quite weak, but I am going to do what I can.

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I thought I would lead off and write a little bit about my own project. I am not doing anything too ambitious this time around due to a recent game jam failure where I bit off more than I could chew, but hopefully it will be challenging enough to help me learn from it.

A Reluctant Spy

The idea:

You've been recruited through the use of a honey pot, and upon returning to your Communist homeland are being blackmailed to provide photographs of documents. You have to find useful documents based on the requests of your handler, and keep them happy.

What have I done so far?

Not a lot. I created some basic art to get started on the mechanics of the game. Currently all I have done is set up some of the code, created classes I know I will need and come up with a basic game structure.

Here is a screenshot of what I have so far, which is not much. It is a filing cabinet which I will be trying to fill with documents today.


I hope you find someone who is interested. I am working on my own game for this jam, an idea I've bounced around for a while. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Good to know. I've been knocking around an idea for a bit but have been too busy to work on it, sounds like a good opportunity to use it, especially as I have some time to do so over the next few days.

I was wondering about how far one can take the theme and still be within the rules. Is that limited to hacking involving computer systems, or would concepts such as gene and bio hacking be acceptable to explore?

Good to know. I am going to try to make a start on my game tonight, and figured there was enough time left, but having a bit more time will be good.

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And sadly it looks like I won't get this done on time. Life has gotten in the way, and eaten into the 2 days I had left. I will continue working on the project though, and try to get it finished in the next couple of days. I really want to return to using libGDX.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what others have done. I see the number of entries has skyrocketed in the last day, and hope to see it grow even more. Very exciting seeing that.

This won't be much of a dev log, since there will only be a few days of entries, but I'll try to keep my progress updated here. I am thinking about making a very simple game about life on an interstellar spacecraft, and all the excitement that entails.

Well, seeing as there is only 2 days and 20 hours left, I am not giving myself much time, but I am going to try to get something done. I will have to treat this a bit like a normal, weekend game jam and limit myself to something simple, especially as I have not used libGDX in a while. My first libGDX game was quite simple as well, so I am sad that I will not get a chance to make something more exciting, but I am going to look at this as a stepping stone, something to get me back into the libGDX frame of mind, and perhaps work on something more exciting afterward.

This will be done by myself, I am going to use libGDX without any of the extensions, I think. Will likely use Inkscape for the art, though if I find myself really limited, I will consider quickly hand drawing the art.