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Hack Jam 2016 HAS BEGUN Sticky

A topic by Sypher Game Studios created Jul 20, 2016 Views: 208 Replies: 13
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Time to make some Games!

Remember this is just a friendly competition, and no prizes are avaliable. ( i mean i guess you can have a free copy of my upcoming game, The Hackr Files if you want. You will be in the credits.)

I'm new to coding and jumping in with both feet - game jams are such a great idea and I love this theme - counting the hours!


great to hear!

What's the rules with teams on this one? I'm trying to get my friend into coding, and doing a jam with him would help with that a lot.


Teams are allowed, as long as you say your game was created by a team.

Hey all just wanted to know how long is this jam?


18 Days Submissions are open, and for a couple days after that voting will take place.

Do I have to create and upload a fully completed game, or can I make a demo for a bigger project? Thank you in advance.


anything, be it a Fully Fledged Game, DEMO, or just a simple prototype is allowed!

Thanks! Even if it is a demo, I'll try my best to make it a good one.

HostSubmitted (1 edit)

Good to hear!

I was wondering about how far one can take the theme and still be within the rules. Is that limited to hacking involving computer systems, or would concepts such as gene and bio hacking be acceptable to explore?


That would be acceptable! As long as it has something to do with some form of hacking, its good! I only themed the Jam to look like computer Hacking because that's what was easiest.

Good to know. I've been knocking around an idea for a bit but have been too busy to work on it, sounds like a good opportunity to use it, especially as I have some time to do so over the next few days.