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Took me 5 attempts before I saved the Earth, but I did it! Nice work.

@badlogic @Sea of Goblets I'm glad you guys liked the music! There is some amazing free-to-use music out there and it was fantastic finding music that fit the setting. The menu music feels "heavy" to me, giving the initial sense of harsh gravity pulling at you while the in-game music is faster paced to make things feel more urgent.

@Rupert @Fivemedia Great job on escaping! Now try it on hard ;).

@CarniBlood While we wanted the game to be more visual, the back bone really gave the nice paper role-play storytelling that you mention. While not as user friendly initially, it fit the bill and turned out great.

And the final submission has been turned in! What an experience this has been. Excited to try out all the other games!

Has it really been 5 days since the last log? My this jam has gone by way too fast! In the final days of the jam we've had to feature cut, use place holder art, and balance the game enough to be playable before the deadline. The most important thing is, she flies! From start to finish, we've come together as a team to deliver a game for the very first time! This jam has been such a rush for the team and we've all learned things coming out of this.

Basic layout of The Gambit! We're hard at work trying to turn our design into something payable in time. Oh yeah, sounds are probably a good idea right? Derp, getting right on that! Exploring free to use sound/music on /r/gamedev. Love reddit.

Our pixel artist and devs have been hard at work now that the holidays aren't bogging us down. We'll have a playable game yet!

Our pixel pusher has been hard at work making new tiles and the design document has been seeing revisions, updates, and love. It's hard not getting caught up in the fluff. Even though this is our first jam, talking about and documenting all these extra crazy ideas has gotten in the way a few times. Lesson we can certainly take away from the jam. I'm not sure we could survive a shorter jam till we get more practice under our belts.

Sample isometric room and first view of the action wheel!

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Sexy menu is sexy.

First revision of the main menu screen:

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We're outlined our basic game, selected a title, and have our first concept logo.

Game: Escape from the gravity well of a black hole by any means necessary.

Title: Singularity Escape.


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Life in Space

We're super excited to particiate in our first jam.

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Hello everyone. Our team is from a gaming blog and this is our first jam ever! We're excited to set the bloggers 'pen' down for a moment a dive into some game development. Excited to see what games come out of this jam. Let me introduce the team!


Modern-day explorer, game enthusiast, and blog writer/co-owner of fevgames.net. I am the ideas man and am excited to participate in my first ever jam with my incredible teammates. My favorite color is blue and my favorite type of games are platformers and augmented reality.


Web developer for work and game developer for fun. I started with C++ and SDL and worked on a 2D Multiplayer Kart game when I was young. This is my first jam too and I am a lot excited, I always wanted to try out LibGDX and this is a good chance for that, I am sure this will be an epic experience. I love FPS and RPG games, but more than playing I love coding!

Robert Vaughan

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Game Designer, Author, and all around professional dabbler. Owner and Operator of Antagonist Games, Inc. and n3rdsy.com. This is my first jam but I have worked in and around the game design industry since the mid 90's in some capacity. I'm an RPG Fan and I really miss tabletop gaming with good friends.