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Peter Kiss

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Hehehe, thanks for playing :D

Yeah, I left the wall and door moves in to help maneuver around the police when a lot of them are on your neck, but some more explicit dance tricks would be definitely better. 

For some reason Chrome on Windows can't run the web version while everything else works, haven't found a fix yet.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks! Sorry about the getting stuck thing, worked on the most common cases, but you guys keep finding new ones :)

Thats a whole new kind of broken!

Cheers! Will definitely try out yours!


Thanks! We ended up having quite a few ideas and mechanics in the game, but wanted to keep the playtime down, so some of them had rather short appearances, like the real time level construction. 

As for using the mouse cursor, I'd suggest trying the buttons on your real world device ;)

Didn't think you could get stuck there, well done :D

Loved watching you figure things out, interesting how everyone goes for different solutions :)

Great video, thanks for playing the game!

Thanks! Yeah, the cursor turned out to be the greatest enemy in the game, gotta be careful around that :)

Thanks, great video! You found some clever solutions in your playthrough :)

Thanks, glad you could play it :) I'll be releasing more polished versions in the coming weeks, tweaking gameplay and getting rid of bugs and slowdowns - I currently have no idea how and why the dead body of your previous self stays there, haunting.

I'll be uploading a playable version tonight if all goes well :)

Hey! Just ran the Linux build, it works perfectly. Great game so far!


I'm Peter, mostly a web developer by day. I don't know libgdx yet, it's been ages since I've used Java and I might not have much time for this, but I'm joining the jam. This will be mostly about learning new stuff and getting the hang of doing a mobile project, but hopefully something finished will come out of it. Will be sharing the progress in a devlog thread.

Good luck everyone!