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Yes!! It also totally undersells itself - it really isn't "a short hike", it's a story you can get kinda lost in

Very creative!

Very satisfying thunks and very nice art. Also very well executed. :)

Nice concept! I like intersections of computer science and music.

I don't know what it is about this, but I really like it. Of course the gameplay is not spectacular, but the presentation is just perfect. The art style. The way the character gets flung of the screen when they are hit. The fact you bothered to add more cars. The snappiness of the controls. This, in all its simplicity, is very nice.

Thanks :)

I did the control thing because of the two key limitation, but it could've been handled better, for instance pushing both arrow keys for enter :D

Very fun game!

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

Fun game!

Just set the window to fullscreen mode, then the space scrolling doesn't happen, I sadly can't turn that off. Thank you though!

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No, it's just a simple tap on enter. I'm running Chrome on Windows 10 and it's working absolutely fine, strange.

For me it does. What operating system are you on?

Thanks a lot, typing works now! :D

You're right. That's probably because of itch. I'll simply upload it to my website and link it from the game if someone has the same problem

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No updates since the last entry. Meanwile, enjoy this simulation of a Nagel-Schreckenberg automaton with a traffic light I made for school! (well, it's just the output)

I didn't play the game yet, but has this anything to do with life in space?

New update playable here:

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Sorry for no updates, I dunno what to tell you but there were no updates. I have to hand in a paper for school soon and I better spend the last few days off school working on that. I think that I will add a few things today though, as all the dirty work basically has been done making new commands isn't that time consuming.

I reworked the alien actually, now there's two and they rate your program. Both have different opinions though. Don't try to make them both happy. You can't.

Great graphics and concept!

Do you plan to give the aliens a health bar? I think that would boost the strategic aspect because you can actually plan what you are going to do next if you know exactly how many hits it will take to take down that alien.

Maybe there could also be aliens with different speeds, so they move a different amount of steps for every turn!

Ok. I'll do it. :D

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Thank you for the feedback. JOHNCENA was intended to be loud, but I think I've overdone it a bit. I'm also going to change the X. :D

Actually, that JOHNCENA audio has artifacts no matter how quiet I make it. It's just because of the source mp3.

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So, I think I'm going to start with another game today, just because it's a bit boring to just be working on this. I'm still going to entry this game of course and I'm going to continue with this game. :D

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New update!

Playable HERE

added commands



I was away for three days, but now I'm back!

So today, I added music, fullscreen mode, and some nice sounds. Nothing special, but it really adds to the feel of the game. Mabye I'll add some more music later, but that's it for today.

Sounds added: keystrokes, page turn sounds, start and stop sounds

Todo: robot move sounds, maybe alien sounds

The game is playable HERE!

Added some clouds:

Enhanced the graphics (again):

These stars are moving, and there are even shooting stars!

But what do I have to screenshot, here's the game:

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First playable demo is here!

You can try it out here:

This demo still has a few issues, especially the html export. If the game crashes on you, you can report that if you want. :D

And yes, the splash screen is mirrored. That was a test to debug some assets.

Changed GitHub Repository as I had to create a new project because it had an exclamation mark in its name:

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Added some graphics for the background and the robot. They're ok, I guess, but they're hopefully not here to stay.

Now, for a few images!

Added an old-school documentation to go with your robot:

improved visuals of console:

That's basically it for right now. I will start to add in a few graphics for the robot and for the alien world today too.

Looks really nice, can't wait to play it :D

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First progress, right now only the MOVE command is implemented.

Move syntax:

move <velocity in m/s> for <time in s>

Edit: implemented JUMP command


jump <force in N [optional]> <write "continue" here if the next command should be executed directly and not after the robot landed>

EDIT: Removed continue as you can simply write

jump 500 for 0

Sample program in ROBOT-SPEAK:


MOVE 4 FOR 200


MOVE -4 FOR 200




What the robot would do:

While the aliens are bored, move right with velocity 4 for 200 ms, then jump, then move left with velocity 4 for 200 ms. After the aliens emotion is not BORED anymore, jump and say "HEY".

The aliens would not give this a great score.

The hardest thing to implement will probably be the alien emotions that are actually based on your program and not just generated out of its hash or something like that. I think I will use gdx-ai for that.

(2 edits)

Repository is now here:

This is just a draft, nothing actually functions yet. Many things also just don't make sense right now, these are placeholders for to-do things.

Also: The game is called "Make Friends!"

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I am creating a game where you have to socially integrate aliens by programming a robot that plays/communicates with aliens using a very basic programming language that understands commands like MOVE, SAY or JUMP.

The aliens determine whether they like your program or not, and you get points on how fun they found your program.

Right now I have NO screenshots as I am building the interpeter of the language. I haven't done any graphical programming yet.


I'm glatteis, and in a day I have christmas holidays. So I'll try to create a nice game for this jam. :D