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Gracias a todos por sus comentarios. Es todo un desafío sacar un juego en 2 días, personalmente aprendí bastante de la experiencia.

Buen juego, muy entretenido. Me tocó repetir el tutorial para memorizar las combinaciones,

Muy buen arte, música, gameplay y concepto. ¡Felicitaciones!

Me gustó el concepto aunque la dificultad está un poquito alta

Muy buen arte

Asset Forge community » Offtopic · Created a new topic Just wow!

I bought Asset Forge when it was first released and didn't really use it much. Today I just installed the new version and I'm blown away with how much it has improved technically and in terms of documentation and community. I hope to create a lot more things now that I've learn a ton about game design. Amazing work!

¡Estupendo! La ilustración y el sonido son perfectos.

Lo único que no me gustó fue el estilo del texto, como que no encajaba con el estilo del juego.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm already improving the game and making new levels :D

Thank you so much. I just fixed the text issue.

This was fun. I enjoyed all the possible combinations. Great job!

For some reason it crashed on my machine, had to play on the browser

Thanks. QuietGecko did an amazing job at the audio part. He made the game 100 times better  :)

Just noticed it, I never resized the game. Thanks

Thanks. I felt the same way about the thumbnail

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Haha I wanted to develop the theme through the story but couldn't event reach half of it

Quite surreal. I liked it!

Claro que sí

It's not a bug, it's a feature. The situation together with the caption count as a dad joke xD

Thanks for the feedback, I'll fix it

Clic a tile close to the player to move. I forgot to add instructions with the rush.

Amazing game! Clean UX, beautiful graphics, really cool puzzles, loved how you included all the wildcards and your eastereggs were phenomenal.

Aún me siento mal porque tortilla se quedó sin bocadillo :(

Very funny

Brutal!! Que historia tan teza

This game is cool! The entire game should be on Why isn't it?

The puzzles man, they really challenges me, nice combination between spaces and time travel

I love this game

I got a problem executing Kenney Studio.exe regarding Adobe AIR. Something like Initial content cannot be found :(

Hey People. Juan here. Im engineer from Colombia and work as game designer in India, kind of crazy yeah. Big big expetations of this jam :D

I've been working with libGDX since the last year and I think I have the necessary to participate in this jam altough many of you guys have lot of experience. I hope to learn from all of you, specially from those who will work with Ashley and AI (Seriously sometimes my mind breaks trying to get some of AI working).

My partner is UI/UX designer and graphic creator, we also create our sounds but not sure if we will get time. We already released our first game (still improving), and we will go for what we know best. Small funny and addictive 2D games

Our tools:

Allpowerful libGDX - Eclipse running in Debian - probably Overlap2D for graphic help - Box2D sure - Flash - OpenGameArt as our life vest - paper and pencil - maybe redbull and tons of coffe.

That's all. Happy code!!