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It's pretty addictive game, I like it.

First time i saw 3D graphics like this in libGDX, good job.

I submitted my game today it's not much, but it's my first published game. I just wanted to be part of this jam.

Hope everyone head fun.

Work in progress.
I pushed my current code to github today.
It's far from ready, but it's slowly getting somewhere.

The main character can currently run and jump on the platform, but it's not perfect some tweaking needs to be done and the map is not yet finished it's still in testing phase.

There is a lot of work ahead of me.

Finally I started working on my #libGDXJam game.

Since I am a newbie to game development I'll be making a simple platform game called "Space Runner", I might add some shootingand special actions if I get comfortable with that stuff.

Here are some game graphics made in Photoshop, I hope I'll menage to create something like that.

Here is the Git repository for the project.

My next steps are to create tiled maps and start coding.

Hello Everyone,

I'm Nikola, 23 years old computer science student from Serbia.

I started learning libGDX about month ago, my main sources of knowledge are " Gamefromscratch" and "Brent Aureli" video tutorials.

I'm still not sure which tools to use,but most lightly I'll be using "box2d","screen2d","Tiled Map Editor" and other basic tools like that as I am a newbie game developer. I'll work alone, my favorite color is green.

My main goals for this JAM is to practice libGDX and make a playable 2D game,nothing too fancy.

Good lack!