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Very beautiful. Rather well done.

Pretty nice but after a few tries I still couldn't figure out the USERNAME and PASSWORD after it provided hints. Looks cool tho.

Only download if you do not already have a SHARECART1000 folder.

If you already have a SHARECART1000 folder just download, drop it into your SHARECART1000 folder, and unzip.

Hey I'm not sure as to why it isn't working for me. I went ahead and got the error message for you tho :)

Really fun! The control scheme takes some getting use to for sure, but once you get it the thrill is great.

Interesting game. It has a pattern which is good because the player can not move very fast.

Hello all.

I'm CNIAngel. Artist/Programmer/Triangle guy. I've made a few games in my time as a programmer and libGDX has been the most important part of it so I'm looking forward to this jam.

Code: libGDX+Eclipse with some boilerplate code for simple sfx, sprite, and scene management.

Art: ASEprite.

Sfx/Music: SunVox & LabChirp

Misc(based on theme): Tiled, Assorted libGDX tools like the Paticle Editor and such.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone does for this jam. I'll make sure to clean up my code before I post it :P