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Hi guys,

I'm davebaol, enthusiastic contributor of the libGDX project and author of the gdx-ai extension (BTW you should seriously take it into consideration, if you plan to create intelligent agents in your game).

I've started programming when I was 11 on the good old Commodore 64 way back in '82 (yeah I'm getting old, I'm over-40 now). I loved C64 assembler and learned to love all programming related stuff, even that fu**ing COBOL lol.

I love hacking too. It's a great challenge that some years ago led me to hack the OS of the Wii console with some well known developers on the Wii scene. The result of this collaboration is the d2x cIOS, written in C and ARM assembler.

In the last few years I'm spending my spare time mainly working on open source Java projects orbiting around libGDX. The most recent one is GdxDemo3D by jsjolund (and me) that, among the other things, demonstrates several AI techniques powered by gdx-ai, such as navmesh pathfinding, steering behaviors, state machines, behavior trees and more.

jsjolund will be joining me in my first jam. Let's see what we'll be able to do.

Good luck to everyone, have fun!!!