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thanks for playing and for the feedback!  All of your points are great ideas and I agree that more feedback would help make the game more rewarding 

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this is a fantastic idea :)  Streaming helps me stay motivated.  I'm not a developing this game but I'll try to stream my composing/sound design stuff for it at

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Hi there!  I'm looking for a team to make something awesome :)


I make some music, you can view a few links here - 

my tumblr(updated, disorganized snippets, beware of some nsfw text)

soundcloud comps(more orchestral stuff + sound design,  older stuff)

example of a song I made for a game


I'm a product designer by trade, you can check out my work on that here - It's mainly UI/UX design and web design


I program with Rust mainly.  I haven't done game programming before, but I'd like to learn!

If you wanna work together, shoot me a message with your idea on discord at doomy#5373 or look in the discord group :), or post it here