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We're giving our revenue share to developers on Black Friday

A topic by Spencer Hayes created Nov 13, 2020 Views: 7,465 Replies: 13
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Hey all,

We're trying something a little different for Black Friday this year. From Midnight Pacific Time on 11/27 to Midnight on 11/28 (basically, the entirety of Black Friday) we're giving our portion of each sale to you, the developers. You won't have to change any settings and things will revert back to your normal revenue share after the event. 

In addition to this we're running a sale throughout the weekend from Friday at Midnight to Monday at 10am PT. Please note that the revenue share changes are not live for the whole sale, only for Black Friday. All you have to do to take part is set your games on sale (Here's a convenient link with the dates already filled in). You can also put your games into a bundle, or if you want to team up with some friends you can make a co-op bundle.

As always, a large part of the success of this promotion will come from social media so feel free to tweet, post, or share your games and projects so we (and others) can find them.

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The Black Friday sale has begun! For the next 24 hours we’re giving all of our revenue share to developers.


This is amazing thank you


Thank you!


Veri nice thank you


Anyone want to CO-OP bundle just let me know!


why not

Just add what ever you want and send me a link I'll accept it link to the project


This sounds really nice.  First off, I'd like to say thank you.  Secondly, I have a question.  Does this apply to only those that have it set to have Itchio paying them, or does it apply to those who have it set to Paypal too?  


It applies to any payments that we process, we’ll force our share of all transactions to 0% for 24 hours. No need to change anything about your account.

If my game is free, then I won't be able to publish it on the Black Friday sale?


You can only create a sale for paid content on, but the revenue share change for Black Friday will apply to all payments, including those to projects that are free. Hope that helps!

Thank You