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Still in beta, bugs are expected!

So i hope you guys like this new idea of the jam. Hope you have fun!

Keep it up! Wait let me promote it on my Twitter 😉

Great! becoming better and better keep it up!

Feel free to request changes or features here

Thanks 😊 means a lot!

No prob! I am 17 and actually started at 13! I think that game devs should encourage others!

Keep it up! It seems great just not the kind of game I'm interested in. The graphics are nice and everything else seems to be awesome! I'll post it on my twitter!

GetStudify community · Created a new topic User Experience

So? How was your experience with the app so far?

In a world of love and joy, lived CUBIC. One day EVERYTHING changed! Discover CUBIC in his adventure to bring colors again to his world... To bring LOVE again and to fight the evil!

In this 2d platformer world, you have to play as CUBIC and save his world from the EVIL. Are YOU up for the CHALLENGE?


Devlogs will be comming soon! As well as a small forum! Stay Tuned and Add Cubic Colorful Adventure to your Collection!

No prob!

well, the games would be featured in a coop bundle. Unfortunately we do not have huge sum of money so what we can offer is the ability to indies to create and finish more games and ready to be sold. I have sent you a request for the coop just accept it.

Bugs here

how? That's not a feature? 🤣

kinda didn't have time to finish lol😅... And there are some bugs preventing the game to run as expected should be resolving them soon... Thanks 

link ;

sluggish laptop and wifi connection being poor, added up to the whole time... link to the project

why not

Give me your email, ill send you a link from there instead

Just scroll down you will see a Keymailer logo, request it from there and ill acept it, you'll then get a free key

Hey, can you please check out my most recent game? Teddmare. Link to keymailer to request it for free available in the game page itself.

Hey, can you check out Teddmare? Its my most recent game. Hope you enjoy it!


You are lost in the middle of nowhere and the only shelter you find is an abandoned house. You decide to go inside...
After exploring the house for a bit, you notice that strange things start to happen, you are the only one, but what could it be?
Books falling on the ground, blood in the bathroom?

You found a teddy inside and just when you think that something is off, you find some red glowing eyes! Wait, are these eyes not stalking you? Maybe thats the same from the paintings?


Is it better now?


Great game. Actually not far from being AAA! Keep it up!


Where did you get the scripts from?

hi, can you please contact me on , i need some help with voxel terrain gen . thanks

No prob😃

GDC Relief Jam community · Created a new topic Problems

Hi, my game The Curse Of Tuberculosis Story Mode has got downloads after your bundle has finished, but I'm not getting any of the payments, is it because all of it is still directed to you or maybe another problem? Thanks

Hey, i have done a small review for your game:

Hi, i have a horror game. Would you like to test it out? Send me a message on my email and i will give you more details. Thank