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Rewards enhanced & claimable sales

As part of refinery, we released an “Exclusive content” system allowing you to create limited quantity rewards for buyers. Today we’ve launched some new functionality to the system to make it even more useful:


Providing “early-bird” discounts

In the past, any reward you created needed to be at or above the minimum price of the project. Starting now you can set any price for the reward.

By creating a reward with a price lower than your project’s price combined with a limited quantity, you can give the first set of people to buy a discount. Rewards come with any files and external keys that would be included in a regular purchase.

Giving away a limited number free copies or perks


It’s also possible to set the reward price to 0. Anyone with an account will be able to claim the reward while there’s quantity available. Because claiming a reward also grants access to all the project files, they’ll be permanent owners if they manage to grab the reward.

Our guide on exclusive content has been updated to reflect these new features.

Those are the updates to rewards. Let’s take a quick look at hosting a sale:

100% sales off can now let people claim ownership


If you host a sale that’s 100% off (making your project free), there’s a new option to allow people to claim ownership. Anyone who claims the game will permanently have it in their library, and they’ll have access to all updates.


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this is pretty cool 🙀

Nice, very interesting to have this on the website. 


I'm finding the rewards very confusing. I'm just gonna leave it alone.

Wait, so what happens if you have your game at 100% off but leave "allow items to be claimed" unchecked? Are people allowed to download the project for free during that window without it being added to their library?

Deleted post

Yet another wonderful thing!


it is pretty awesome feature.

damn, that's super awesome news! Keep up ! 


(1 edit)

Really appreciate it! Way better than what Steam has to offer!



Very cool.

Great !!

Thanks a ton for these two features! Much appreciated good folks at! 

really thinks


This one is really a great idea. 

Excellent. As the launch of my game is imminent I will certainly be making use of this feature soon.


The revolution will topple the Steam empire.


I agree.




Hahaha! That would be fine.

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