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Mac M1 Gameplay, scary stuff ;)


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That's cool ;) , cpu ?

Only some icons are links instead of prefs app in prefs. DockBot was not 100% friendly with OS3.2, switching dock removed a lot of problems, I'm using 4.24 daily and have no issues at all ;) 

Nice to hear you have a good control on Amiga behaviour ;)

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I do not have real Amiga anymore, so therefore 32se is officially only for fs-uae, win-uae. amiberry. It's hard for me to help here... unpack both zip files, keep them as they are 2 folders, copy these folders over to Amiga, doesn't matter where you put them (no need to be on desktop), and run 1 & 2 installers after this you better set screenmode because it's overwritten with a RTG resolution, then reboot. And how you get the files to Amiga?, you have the A1200 so you probably have some way todo this?!

Scary stuff :) M1 Gameplay

Are you having something running that blocks the script from doing it's job ? if you get a error during theme change then there is something running that prevents it. are you getting error on real Amiga or emulator? you can set in global settings always reboot and try change theme

I was waiting different ending ;) nice game, scary! M1 Gameplay


Cool, AmigaOS3.2Pal think you have to just set again screenmode 640x512 and save to theme. You can move all inside Application folder, just edit user-startup for some of the apps has assigns.

Very relaxing cool effects, gameplay on Mac M1
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Thanks! No special setting, CPU 68040 NO MMU works great, I've used 68030 NO MMU & 68060 NO MMU some less and they worked well, look at some of my first 32se install videos, I'm going through FS-UAE settings, let me know how it goes.. 

This was creepy ;) gameplay on M1
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4.1 yes, there can be some old files, icon464.library can be deleted after you booted into 4.12 not required ;) if you have 2.7 then do new install (you can delete in startup-sequence line 10 icon.library ... and copy to libs from OS3.2 CD icon.library reboot then update with 4.12) :)

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I don't wan't to promise too much. I like to overdeliver, give good value. You are first to know that v4.1 is in planning ;)

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At least v4.0 is included :) I'm pretty sure to do more free updates

Played this on Mac M1 I made a choice, on second attempt no choice ;)

Works great on Mac M1, it's a very dark game :) & Scary!

Where is the Mac version ?

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Great story, well done! This is quality gaming 5/5

Played on Mac M1

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I loved it, right amount of tense/horror, I hope to see more like this one 5/5 Mac M1 Gameplay

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did you attach hole folder as hard drive ? and check install icon settings, read the text file

And read the requirements, maybe you are missing something, it should work straight forward if you have done all this, remember cpu requirements too.

Well done, intense and scary puzzler ;)
The Witch community · Created a new topic Horror Game

Where is the PC & Mac version download ?

Very well done! I felt haunted... ;)

low res screen saying intuition it attemping to rest the workbench screen

Just close any programs running on screen and click retry, I still think you need rom 3.2

sound like wrong KickROM, are you using 3.2 kick?

If you have only clean OS3.2, does it boot after total shutdown ?

You could edit s:startup-sequence and put a ; in front of line 11 Loadmodule

This downgrades icon.library in ROM, this version is a lot faster than the 3.2 version

does amigaos3.2 work/boot as normal before installing 32se ? your hdd is named AmigaOS ?

I played it ;) Strange & interesting 👍

Scary and hard ,-)

Read about it at ;)

Found the problem "Picboot" somehow overwrites your game !? I had other problems with Picboot that I thought was solved but this time I'm deleting it...

I have done more testing, 68020 no errors, 68030 title screen some strange lines, 68040 & 68060 a lot of errors and can crash on exit. at least I can play it error free on 68020 settings, I am using latest Library same as those that came with OS3.2 but as I sad earlier some older software I've seen some strange error but beside that nothing, I'll probably been doing some more tests in future ! What app have you done the game with? Great game !

I've tested on both x86 & ARM version of FS-UAE and some different settings, no luck, even AmigaOS 3.14 & game graphics totally scrambled fast flicker dots/lines but seems game is still running... hmmm I do run a lot of stuff on my Amiga and rarely something like this would happen

FS-UAE 68060 AmigaOS3.2,  I did notice it crashes AmigaOS on exit (quit the game), what is trashed, to me it looked great 😵

MeMO community · Created a new topic MeMO Gameplay video :)
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Very well done, Fun & addictive game 5/5

Do info on install icon, execute should not be set and script should be set

Pretty good 👍