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wtf I'll have to investigate this, thanks for your very very much effort on this matter ;)

Look at the settings here

I just did a new install with a new imp3 account and plays right away with sound, now I'm currently on Win UAE but this should not matter.

You can mark off JIT, FS-UAE ARM does not support JIT, and x86 version does strange things on M1 when JIT enabled so better turn that off no matter the version if you are on M1 Mac

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My second "Amiga" is a M1 Mac mini with FS-UAE, maybe you have wrong config on network, you need BSDsocket.library selected and enabled in FS-UAE

It still works, install again, get imp3 from Aminet

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You are running ROMs ?, give FS-UAE a try, just run the HDF as it is as first try. I did a test on install files just to be sure and they work as intended.

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It actually sound like you have not installed CPU libraries from OS3.2, you start installer again after OS install and continue install CPU, Icons ...

I haven't tried AmiBerry but it runs very well on FS-UAE / Mac

if you name boot drive AmigaOS same error ? I've tested clean install 68040/68060 and no errors. Haven't tested with less CPU.

cool! good to know!



Path may vary, number 1-5 accounts, Amiga = username

Key should be in IBrowse folder

You can also try s: and would be simpler if it works from there, I do not have a key so it's a guess


Looks like you need to put the key in every user IBrowse main folder, there are in storage, turn off security if set so you can access all users at same time. 

In startup-sequence somewhere more to the end there is a line containing ShowIconL, remark this line and you can snapshot desktop icon placement again.

maybe, ReelDeck also is double buffered and uses more video ram

yeah AmiBlitz3 error report is strange, I've seen many times it reports totally wrong error, have you tried more RTG memory ? give it at least 16MB

Hi, fps is set to 6fps in standby and 20fps during playing, runs with/without JIT, just tested in 240mips and runs as it should, let me know if you find anything, and you probably can only get decent speed with minimum windows size, mid & big is demanding something awesome CPU is needed.

sorry no plans ..

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If it behaves like a real Amiga and you have enough power 020+ recommended min 040, there is nothing special in coding, if not run on UAE you loose one function, shut down. You will need to replace in devs monitors UAE picasso driver and install something that works with Vampire / pistorm, I've seen people do this with success but since I'm only on emulation I can't help that much and can't guarantee anything ;)

QDockLE that's included requires RTG, this can be disabled / replaced by WBDock2 and you do this in Theme settings

You do need ROM 3.2 and WB 3.2 ...

That's nice and thanks for your help ;)

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Thanks for the input!

I've never seen dock outside screen, can't drag it either outside. I have a version that puts dock more correct way, hope it helps!

That's nice and thanks!

Next version will fix such as UNPacker output, I have also added script and Arexx support

Thanks, I've been thinking on expanding position with center when dock is not in full width/height. You can try using a wrapper for your app,  in 32se AmigaOSse/menuicons/Autorun        look how i did it... ;) hope you get it working ;)

Thanks for the input

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I do not ! Go in your account / my library  / things you own

scroll to 32se and use Download button, you will also need to DL "32se lite" that is the first disk

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It's v6.70 ;) I'm not itchio pro but you should se a library what you bought and go by that link, if you changed account you need to buy it again. If this was not helping try faq/help

Thanks for the input!

thanks, I'm to block double click on next version that causes all kind of strange behavior and some other fixes as well and thanks for the input ;)

I do not experience this, respond is immediate no delay at all, hmmm I'll check anyway

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Thanks, just the main app will do! There is in 32se a super clean theme and AmigaOS3.2 theme, both disables most of the 32se bloatware if you want to run clean meanwhile ;)

Cool ;) go and grab QDock 1.51 as well !!!

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edit in CIU folder prefs file, first 2 lines are dock coordinates, set them 250 & 250 and restart, it should not be possible to go outside screen? hidden overscan ?? just add icon or remove and it will fix background color ... this is because one icon I set is not on your system ;)

New version uploaded, it leaves your CF in rest ;) it is a common problem with CF that it tries not to write right away and buffer it to save writing cycles that will kill the CF at some point, try new version and see if it works better ;)

I'll check!

New version is available

Hi, I see the problem, I'll try solving it tomorrow. Thanks!

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hmmm, ok. This is strange, I'm to release a new QDock tomorrow and it has a startup bug(Random) I believe is fixed now, I'm testing testing... Maybe it will fix your issue !? You have it installed in sys:system ? otherwise it will not work

Hi, I do not have Vampire to test on, try Solitare match Demo just to se if that works they use almost identical RTG code.

Maybe icon.library ? png.library

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AmigaOS 3.1  (3.1 will also need WBStart.library, Aminet),

You need RTG , not working on Amiga native graphics

type in  "  solitare match:  "  in dopus, you should see cards directory among other files, if not then a assign is needed

New version to try Demo v0.79, probably does not run, you can however check if assign is working, open Dopus look for "Solitare match:" click into it and check there is Cards folder. if not do assign and test run the game again!

thanks, I have still no clue!

maybe it needs assign, but then snoopy would say files not found.... strange, I have no clues right now