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It was cracking like overdrive in volume on first version, so I lowered the volume of the sample file and now V4SA core 10000 has clean audio. you can try edit audio file  with Wavebox and lower the volume level more...

The "halo" is to mimic sword swing ;) thanks for the input

Game needs Workbench environment +RTG, old games like those running on mini are direct HW bang on chipset. but if there is WB + RTG on it then it's just to run it !

I would still guess it's cpu libraries that's not correct or not installed

If you get "install Modules first" then in CDROM there

is a /adf/ModulesA1200_3.2-adf diskette, double klick

copy from diskette c to sys:/c Loadmodule command

Hi, You have to install all from CD rom OS3.2, it means after running installer, rebooted, run installer again, choose glow icons and install, run installer again choose "cpu modules?" don't remember correct name but you see something CPU related and this is the modules and install., then make a backup before continue with 32se ;) 

backup all first, then run disk 2 only and follow instructions as they come. since jump is pretty big I would run both discs full install, but save first all things you added and full backup you never know what's missing util you need it ;)



It's not shareware, PD etc. ;) 

Thanks for your input!

can U import themes too ?

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price may change in the future ;), every buyer even it's free right now is receiving a single license for personal use!

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Try again ;) Thanks for the input !!!! Let me know how it goes!

I'll check ;)

try out 7.56 let me know how it goes....

thanks for input.... I'll check....


ohhh sorry, it was a small error in ss, tested in Vampire and thought don't need to verify in emulator, but as ss was edited and it's the only file they don't share and .... damn ;).  new fresh ones are available !

It's tested with my BIG drive hmmm ;), MUI 5.0 on 32se release tonight around CET20.00

Thanks for the input ;)

MiamiDX is also provided with OMNI

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Did requester for BOOT: disappear ? 

OMNI ApolloBoot installer actually adds icon.library amongst other files...

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How is AOS3.2 installed, with what tool or is it hard install? I've just got my first Vampire V4sa and I'm in learning mode ;) Why not use OMNI? ( renamed BOOT: got the error on boot, added Assign and BOOT request was gone, I don't know what todo more, OMNI ApolloBoot install works)

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It's intended for OMNI ApolloBoot manager

edit startup-sequence and put this as first line on top

Assign >NIL: BOOT: RAM: 

Both disc 1 & 2 has been updated with the fix!!!

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Next update should keep all QDock settings and app intact+other dock etc.

I see you got the WBDock loaded in correct way, nice you found my latest invention ... all Themes has own WBStartup

and thanks for the notice!

Looks cool, yeah the updater only thinks as 32se sort of, the system itself is small, backup like system, s, wbstartup folders or all workbench if you have room for it and add back what was overwritten. QDock folder is in system folder, backup and put back after a update ;) I'll see if there is a improvement for next update to be made!


1. Yes,  it's on Aminet as well

2. Yes I believe so, have not used any

3. Yes, AB3_Templates are multitasking AHI, RTG 


You need to first time set compiler path, all sources has own path so need to set the one or all you want to run.

They are set as I used them last, I think it's the option make smallest file size. You need to compile it where the ready compiled apps are,

then you can run the source code , hope you get it, this is a bit strange thing. You can in source code also change resolution color depth to suite your gfx card.

It overwrites icon.library and startup-sequence, best result is to install new OS3.2 with all updates and then install 32se

That's OK, there is a tutorial on both winuae & fs-uae on my youtube channel

thanks, I hope you like it and have a lot of fun !!!

I can't replicate the error, use 68040 no MMU, 16MB RTG ram, make sure you have installed cpu librarys from OS3.2 installer CD, you just start the installer again and select CPU librarys/support whatever it's named ;)

QDock is RTG only, my guess is either you are not on RTG resolution or icon.library is not installed, disc 1 provides this on install and should be there

Have you scanned your game file for virus ? Win11 defender finds one sever threat, just so you know...

wtf I'll have to investigate this, thanks for your very very much effort on this matter ;)

Look at the settings here

I just did a new install with a new imp3 account and plays right away with sound, now I'm currently on Win UAE but this should not matter.

You can mark off JIT, FS-UAE ARM does not support JIT, and x86 version does strange things on M1 when JIT enabled so better turn that off no matter the version if you are on M1 Mac

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My second "Amiga" is a M1 Mac mini with FS-UAE, maybe you have wrong config on network, you need BSDsocket.library selected and enabled in FS-UAE

It still works, install again, get imp3 from Aminet

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You are running ROMs ?, give FS-UAE a try, just run the HDF as it is as first try. I did a test on install files just to be sure and they work as intended.