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You sir, win the internet.🤘😎

Is your schedule still full, I would like to hire you

UPDATE:  Download through the IDE and it works perfectly, thank you. 😊 

Will do, I'll update you when I get home and check it it out thanks.

I bought this on the market place but when I import it, only has half of what was in the demo, please help.

I'll buy it

Just add what ever you want and send me a link I'll accept it 

Yup, I just did it, thanks. 

I do 

I want to co-OP bundle 

all of them on my page if you want.



Who wants bundle? Add me. 

any one wants coop bundle let me know 

Anyone want to CO-OP bundle just let me know!

It was meant to be good 🤣🤣. 

OneBit Adventure is a cellphone game, you should check it out. I was just mentioning it because of the low color palette and statics images. It's classic and I really like it.

Nice, reminds me of "OneBit Adventure".


Is there any way you could upload a zip of the project folder?

I can download it, I just can't get it to import 😢

I can't seem to get the file to load?


sounds great 😊

Does the demo export images?

I'm trying to put together a big co-op bundle together on itch and was wondering if you would be interested?

I really like this sketchy looking style keep it up.

Link to the market place is broken😞


Are they animated?


Does anyone have a video of this, my computer is down for the count atm and my phone won't run the script.   :(

When you work on a small scale like this things will look similar, but good job.  

Is there files with out the glow Fx?

Looks good!

Should be fixed, sorry about the late response.

I'll check on this right away.

Not right now, sorry. :(

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Hey, Thank you for your purchase.  I'm so sorry about that , it should be good to go now.