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Mad Count of Dumont

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You can get them back but yeah the whole team agree the game needs more work

We might

There was a lot we couldn't implement in time. XD

That's rough and fair.

Yeah, both our programmer and music artist had power outages so plenty elements didn't make it into the game. Literally the build was being implemented right up to the deadline. I also agree about the map size but c'est la vie

Glad you like my sprites. :D

This is really epic

It's got a really strong core concept.  Liked this one a lot. 

Ah yes, you need to press enter the start the game.

Thanks I'm glad you like the Art I went all out on it.

We were going to have a win state but both our music person and programmer had power outages during the game. It was pretty rough.

Music, art and game design art all 10/10 .This is fantastic

I kinda feel we have to much control. Cool game th

Hey you had a more utilized version of what we did. Nice. Unfortunately we ran out of time to get everything in.

Yeah if the towers die you lose certain controls until you rebuild them.

Lovely puuuuurfect

Worth it for the death animation alone

This is really swee

This was sweet.  LOve to see this expanded 

This was great, a little bit of implementation issues but I REALLY like the idea and the story was cute.

I think they might have been spiked.

Having some trouble getting it to play.  Do I need to update gamemaker?

Idk about theming but  it certainly was a cool original experience 

Very cool, just a weee bit too hard. 

This was great, really lost control of the rabbits XD. theme/100