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A GMTK-Jam 2020 Game
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Ranked from 50 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
We took the theme quite literally. Our fictional Keyboard-City lost its CTRL key, who is usualy keeping everything in place. The player needs to take his place..

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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I liked the visual and how the player is highlighter when you are behind the buildings. 

I can see potential in this project. Nice job.


pretty cool idea could easily see it go somewhere if you update a couple times. good job on making a game in 48 hours!


pretty cool graphics and liked the world aspect.  Wasn't sure how to do much other than walk into different houses and talk to the other keys


It's a funny game, and the world is also based on the characters on the keyboard. I like your interpretation of the "Out of Control". But i think there is a bug where if you are talking while walking, your character won't stop walking. Overall, it's a funny and good game.


This was really funny, I like the world that you created and all the silly characters. I wanted to save CTRL! 

If you have time, please check out the game I worked on for the Jam called "Foobar". Thanks!


I liked this! Very funny. Nice art and characters. Wish that the letter key characters dialog was more inline with what you'd expect from the letter. The audio stood out and made this very silly and mysterious.


Game was quite funny, I really like this game. I didn't understand at first that the CNTL console you had to type, it looked more like a warning to me. If you exit controls house and renter shift comes back.


I really love the game!

This game fits definitely the theme best out of all the games submitted in this jam in my opinion! 

Great job!!!


Really cool! I love the world you built. Plus I love how the physical keyboard also basically functions as a minimap.


A pretty cool concept overall, but the voice acting elevates it to another level! :D 


Very cute idea and lots of funny bits! I wished the layout was a bit more compact (buildings closer to each other and maybe a bit smaller so you can see more of the 'town'), because there's a lot of walking. And I think it'd be good for the npcs to repeat relevant information or give an additional vague direction. 

Love the music!! Very atmospheric. ♥

Also, someone should probably clean their keyboard, lots of dirt between the keys! (; 


this was REALLY endearing and a clever take on "out of control." great sound design!!


Great Concept and I really liked the art, I got stuck and couldn't really figure out what to do but I appreciated the clever ideas the game is going for. Great job


I really love the concept ain the fact that each keys sound is saying of the key.

What I don't love that mutch is fact, that after Shift's kidnaping I didn't know where to go next. I checked the nuclear plant, but I couldn't go in so I scoutet the whole town and didn't find any clue.

In the fun departent it's low rating from me, but the rest Is realy good.


Hi! Thanks for your comment!
We knew that this could be an issue and are sorry, that it was not clear for you what to do next. We wanted the player to talk and interact with the other keys. That's why there is the N-Key you could talk with. He tells you what to do next.


Next time if you get to this spot, simple wobeling or any unusual characteristic(circle arount them) will do the trick of catching player's attention.

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

love the humor and graphics (I facepalmed when I found enter).
unfortunately I didn't figure out how to progress further, I tried pressing keys inside enter went outside to the key I pressed but nothing seemed to happen am I missing something?
I will wait with the rating until you answer!


In the CTRL-Room there is a red light with which you can interact. After that you can press different letters to see where the keys need your help!
Nice to hear that you love the humor! :) We had a great time writing it.


With your help I figured it out now.
Very nice game and it's quite large considering the time frame! :)


Yeah it was a lot hassle and pressure in the last hours. Sadly, because of this a fight in the "Enter room" got cut.


I love the sounds and the idea of putting the whole keyboard and making a story with the letters. And like you used the first letters to name the places. I feel like it was really fun to play, however after a 10 min, I think, of playing I got a screen with two "player" "letters" (what ever to call them) and I was not able to see anything else and to play for longer. (it happened at when there was about the number gang). Also a minimap would be helpfull.

In conclusion, I really liked your game and I really enjoyed playing it (I still love the sound effects). :)


The two player letters are a "GG"-good game screen. Sadly that is the end of the story!
But every great game ends with a cliffhanger!

We are all glad that you enjoyed our game! :)


oh, that what I was thinking but then I thought that it just might be my computer crashed :)

Then it was a really good game with amazing story, because now you can make a continuation for it with fighting with a number gang :)


An interesting take on the theme. Music was good as well. I found it hard to realise where i was going until I realised that everything was layed out like a keyboard so maybe that should be a bit clearer. Overall though, not a bad game for a single weekend, especially creating the graphicd and audio from scratch.


how do i play i cant get out of the room


You have to hit space at the door to get out of the room.


ooooh ill try agai