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Awesome game! Even without any text it would have worked well, but the story added so much! I really enjoyed it and the character designs are adorable! 

Pretty fun game, nice idea! I think it would be cool if the movements had a bit of gooeyness (sorry bad at explaining) to them and if the second hand would move slightly instead of being in a fixed position. This way it might feel even more 'out of control'. 

I found a cool knife! - neat little story, however I only got the ending sequence after investigating the footprints for a second time (weird). Still fun tho!

Cool game! It's also very stylish and the design is somewhat hypnotizing, so I felt kinda relaxed while playing. Nice job!

cool concept! I also liked the charming little story snippets. The turrets were really mean, but I managed... somehow! (:

Very cute idea and lots of funny bits! I wished the layout was a bit more compact (buildings closer to each other and maybe a bit smaller so you can see more of the 'town'), because there's a lot of walking. And I think it'd be good for the npcs to repeat relevant information or give an additional vague direction. 

Love the music!! Very atmospheric. ♥

Also, someone should probably clean their keyboard, lots of dirt between the keys! (; 

Lotsa fun! The music slaps and the cat's expression really sells it! 

I said "I like.. hate you." to my senpai and I guess we're mortal enemies now, oh well...  

Very very cute game, love the artstyle and the concept. Really funny and adorable! The character sliders are a great touch :) 

fun game! I'm real bad at coordinating but I appreciate the the concept!

Very chill, cool concept! Big fan (: 

the 'death' animation makes me happy that I'm terrible at this game! Really cool design and neat idea, love it!