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That game is super good, I really enjoyed playing it. I like that there are sounds and animations. I also like the enemies and that there are different biomes. Sometimes I had a bug that when I destroyed an object, I couldn't see it drops (the loot from the rocks, trees etc). But overall, great job :)

I really like your game, at the beginning I though that it was slow, but as the game progressed, it got complicated. I also like how you can merge the defenders. Maybe for a next time, try adding some music to make the game more interesting :) if you gonna have some free time :)

The game looks super nice, I love the animations, particles, lighting and sounds. In my opinion the player should move a bit faster at the beginning. Also, I really like how you introduce the player to the game, with the fall and thunder. 

Hi, if you would want to check out my game :) 

Really nice game, it's relaxing but require you to think. I really like the idea of your game, and graphic, and music. :)

Thank you for playing my game :)

I really like your game, it's relaxing and complicated, but not too complicated. I really like the theme and how the game looks like, the only thing that I had problem with (not a big deal) was that it didn't go back to the main menu when I pressed on credits (as I said, not a big deal) . 

Pretty nice small game, I really like your animations and the level design. Sometimes when you are to close to the wall you can jump, I'm not sure if that's a bug or it's suppose to be like that, but just mentioning. In my opinion you did a great game :)

Thanks for playing :)

Really fun puzzle game, I like the idea of different animals, and how you can interact with them. :)

Really fun and enjoyable game to play. I really like the idea how you made the game fit the theme. The only thing that you could do next time, is to put the pause menu when pressing Esc as it would make it easier, but P is fine as well. I really enjoyed playing your game, well done. 

Pretty nice game, it's super hard but I love the story at the beginning and the choosing between two options. Also I like the animations, however, I would consider making the game a bit easier for next time. 

Really good game, I player until level 9 so I think that's good. I really like your graphic design, sound effect and animations, and the idea of having robots to destroy buildings. :)

Thank you for playing my game, I play your game a bit later, but hopefully I manage playing it today :)

Thank you for playing my game, I'm happy that you didn't kill your pet :)  I appreciate that you like art. 

Thank you for playing my game. I appreciate that you like the art design, I tried making it spooky. :)

Thank you for playing my game :)

Thank you for playing my game :)

I really liked your game, it's fun and the graphics made it really enjoyable. Also, I love your idea of implementing the theme to the game with really unusual way. 

Pretty nice game, I like your pixel art and audio choice. In my opinion, the game could be a bit easier, especially at the beginning, and you could try adding some animations :)

You made a really good game as for your first game jam. The game worked smoothly and it has great idea which worked well with the theme. It would be nice if you would add some music and sound effect.

I love your game, it's fun, it has amazing graphic, animation and music. I really like it :)

Really nice game, I love the graphic, idea of a cat keeping rest of the cats awake by giving them coffee and the music choice, however the cat is moving way too fast and it's hard to move with it. 

Really fun game to play, I like how you made Q in the game, and that you can only change it once and I really like your graphic. In my opinion, when you introduce new character, the animation should be a little faster. 

It's a pretty nice co-op game, it has really nice graphic, animation and sounds. It's pretty hard to play it and in my opinion, players should be able to move a bit faster. 

The game is SOOO fun, me and my friend enjoy it gratefully,  it has really good controllers and ideas to finish each level. However, if you would improve the graphic, the game would be even better. 

Nice game, but can get pretty frustrating. I really like your animations. For the music and sounds, in my opinion they should be louder.

WELL DONE! the game is very exciting and I had loads of fun. I really like the animations and controllers. Though in my opinion for tutorial, text was too small and it was quite hard to read, and there was too much text. 

I really like the graphic and the idea of having larger slime. Great job :)

Really nice game, the animations and graphic are really cute. I would be nice if the music would loop so you can't hear when it's starts playing again, as in my opinion it would suite your game more. But I really like your game as it is, and I spend about 30 min playing it. 

When you go to submission and you press the button "My Submission", your game should appear. Also if you go to your library (when you press on your account at the top right corner) and you press on your game that you submitted, it should show you on the right side "Rate for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1". Hopefully this helps you :)

I love the beginning of the game, the small story. The game is super fun to play, but hard at the same time. I think at the beginning it would be better if you would give the player a bit more time to get use to controllers and move the enemy a bit further away. 

If you will have some free time have a nice weekend :)

I love your game, it's one of those calm games which you could play on evening. I really like the idea of fishes and how the lights are used. The only thing that I have problem with was the upgrade as when I entered there, I couldn't turn it off. 

I like how you fit the theme in the game, I really like your graphic, animations and sounds and that maps are always different. I don't know if that's a bug or is that supposed to be like that, but sometimes you can walk on the blue part of the map because the colliders are moved a bit to the side, but except that the game is really fun and enjoyable. 

I really like your game, I think that your graphics and the music choice are perfect for the game.

Thanks for playing :) The pet is supposed to give you some healing or increase your speed every 20 sec, and it was mostly so the game fits to the theme that you are together.