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Wow, thank you so much for your message! Countless others have inspired us to pursue making games and we are so happy to hear that we may be able to inspire other game dev journeys as well :)

Hi there, sorry to hear you're stuck!

For the pencils puzzles, look for markings on the background- they're a hint as to what pencils go where!

If it's still not working, you can see the solution for the coloured pencils puzzle here:

Hey, thanks so much for playing and providing your gameplay vid! Every play-thru is different and lets us see how players intuitively approach the puzzles.

You'll be happy to know that we've put quite a bit of thought into the full game on how to ease the initial onboarding for new players. The tutorial puzzles are still non-verbal, so you'll still have to be observant and play around to understand what to do, but they'll introduce the basics more simply.

Thanks again for your support, can't wait to see your play of the full experience :)

Thanks so much for playing, Kieran! You're really fun to watch!

We've got waaaay more A Little To The Left on the way, so make sure to Wishlist it on Steam!

Yup, we're hard at work have a ton of new stuff to show. If you want to follow along with dev, check us out on Twitter at @MaxInfernoGames

Hey, thanks for your comment! This is just the demo, the full game will be out soon, with 50+ unique puzzles and other fun stuff yet to be announced ;) 

If you like the game and want to stay in the loop, please Wishlist and Follow A Little To The Left on Steam. We'll release here on as well, of course.

Thanks so much for playing!!

Thank you so so much!!! We love your poem :)

Thanks for playing... again!

The full game is going to have multiple solutions, achievements, and some other fun hidden things, so there will be lots more replayability!

Thanks so much for playing! We're really excited to share what we've been working on :)

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Hehe, you're not the first! And we've had people want to do the Post-it's in a different order too. We have considered offering multiple solutions on a few of these.

Thanks for playing and for your comment!

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I'll have to be careful as I don't want to ruin the solution for any other players, but here's a hint:

For the pencil levels (there are two), take note of the markings in the background, these indicate valid placement locations. You can pick up and move the pencils around; the goal is to place them in the correct location (there is a pattern). You'll notice that objects snap to a valid placement location, and if you've placed correctly, the objects will align and not be interactive anymore.

Give it another try and let me know how you make out. If you're still stuck, there's a video in a previous comment that shows the solution.

We have a couple of game design ideas that should help make it clearer as to what to do- keep your eyes open for an update soon.

Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback with us!

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Hey Maghook, thanks so much for playing and sharing your video with us! It's really helpful to see how you interact with the puzzles, and we can use your playthrough to help smooth out some of those stumbling spots.

Also, this comment from one of your viewers is 100%:
"this is the game of only perfection" - Meercat5000

The ending has proven terrifying for some ;)

Thanks again, your videos are really fun to watch, and there's so many great games being made!

We tested using placement markers, but felt it was limiting exploration and discovery, so instead we have opted for objects to “snap” when it’s within a placement target. Thanks for your feedback- very helpful! 

Thanks for playing and providing your feedback! We have considered multiple solutions for some puzzles, but for now they’re just single solution based on a common set of rules.

Great little platformer! Like the concept a lot. Wish that thee controls/platforming was a little tighter, but like the ideas here and could see it extending into a really fun experience.

Fun little puzzle game with a great mechanic and art. I had trouble understanding what the overall goal was at first, and I would have liked for a level or two that explained how the moves would contribute to achieving the goal- instead I just moved things around until it told me I won. Eventually I started to get it, and found it fun, but was finding that due to the time mechanic I was having to restart a lot once I missed my chance to make those pivotal early moves.

This is a fun game with a nice core platforming mechanic. The controls are a little floaty, but I liked the momentum and bouncing all over the place. I know it's an ice cube, but found the sliding a little frustrating when dealing with some of the narrower platforms- don't mind the slide, but couldn't really get a good stop to be able to turn around and set up my next jump. Would also like an indicator of how many fountains are left in the level. Overall, it's fun and could be great with some tightened up controls.

This is great feedback- very constructive!

We are aware of the frustration involved in placing those first items, and so we're going to implement a sort of "hot/cold" audio feedback when you're getting close to the spot, as well as a visual cue (items will straighten up). A story is also on the roadmap, as is music/SFX.

Thank you LilNarwhal, for playing our game and providing helpful advice!

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Glad you liked the experience, despite having its frustrations. We're going to take the feedback to heart and try to resolve those frustrations of trying to guess the right placement. Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! We are definitely looking to get some better player feedback via both visual and audio queues for when you've got the correct placement. 

Your comment makes me go YES! Thank you so much for playing

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Really great concept! I could see this extending to all kinds of interesting puzzles. The art style and music is great. Very polished! I did experience a bug often that my first hop would register as a use but character wouldn't actually move. Fun game though!

I liked this! Very funny. Nice art and characters. Wish that the letter key characters dialog was more inline with what you'd expect from the letter. The audio stood out and made this very silly and mysterious.

I liked this! Wish there were more doors in the rooms, to stop some AI bunching, with it was fun to have a food fight!

Wish I had a P2 to test it out with, but the concept is fun and nice art style.

I really liked this! Really great concept and really love how it encourages new ways to interact with your keyboard. Very clean art and nice movement.

I would have liked to be able to see health gauges for the keys along the top, and for the commands to be listed horizontally below the keyboard- it's a bit of a long drag to get all the way to the right.

Thank you! I was very lucky to have such an awesome art director onboard.

Thanks for your feedback, these are really helpful suggestions. We are planning to polish the game up and will look to add these in a future build.

Yes, we had the audio locked and missed the upload by about 30 seconds, but totally agree that sound is key for player feedback. Thanks for playing!

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Very fun game. Focused mechanic with lots of room to iterate and interesting emergent strategy (the time mechanic is key). Simple and smooth controls. It hooked me right away! Only thing is I'm not sure how it fits the theme?

Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback! We're going to try to add some more player feedback so it's not so random when trying to find the hotspots for item placement.